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DustProtector II

Double protection. The two-stage dust protection system from Atlas Copco, a unique combination of coarse and fine filtration, offers maximum protection.

Abrasive rock dust and other foreign particles are effectively prevented from penetrating the sensitive area of the breaker base. The two-stage design of the DustProtector II offers increased lifespan, greater durability and reduced wear, particularly in difficult operating conditions. An effective and economic solution, exclusively from Atlas Copco.

How it functions

HB 7000 DP
Effective dust protection is achieved by a combination of coarse and fine filtration. First of all, the robust coarse filter removes larger particles and at the same time protects the fine filter from damage, e.g. from penetration by concrete reinforcement. Then the fine filter removes the finer dust and dirt particles. Another advantage: the fine filter seals the guide area of the plug tool and so retains the lubricant for longer in the area of the lower wearing bush.

DustProtector II doesn’t just significantly reduce the wear of plug tools and wearing bush. It also helps to drastically reduce consumption of lubricant.


Abrasive dust is the natural enemy of the highly-stressed components in the breaker base. With its two successive and effective sealing elements, the two-stage approach of the DustProtector II can even prevent the finest particles from penetrating into the wearing bush.

This protection against increased wear is especially valuable when used on rock with a high proportion of silicate (min. 30%).

The DustProtector II is also optimally-suited to demanding applications in tunnelling. Here in particular, the horizontal or diagonally-upwards positioning of the plug tool means that dust borne in water easily penetrates the guide of the plug tool and the striking mechanism. Without DustProtector II this can cause greater wear and damage to the plug tool, wearing bush, and even the blow area of the piston.

DustProtector II even repels dust borne in water safely – and therefore contributes significantly to a greater lifespan of the wearing parts in the hydraulic breaker.

The Advantages

  • consumption of lubricant drastically reduced
  • wear of bushes and plug tools clearly diminished
  • simple cleaning and maintenance - replacement of coarse filters, fine filters and fine dust container does not need specialist assistance
  • fine dust container can be reused several times