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Features & benefits / HeliCoil™ thread insert / HeliCoil™ thread insert

HeliCoil™ thread insert

Using a hydraulic breaker can exert extremely high forces on the thread, which can cause serious damage.

The HeliCoil™ thread insert can ensure optimal load distribution on the thread. This markedly reduces the risk of tensioning screws fracturing - and prolongs the lifespan of the breaker.

The Atlas Copco HeliCoil™ thread insert tensioning screw system provides maximum operational safety and lifespan of the hydraulic breaker – with clear advantages over round threads.

How it functions

By evenly distributing the load and tension, the HeliCoil™ thread insert increases the resilience of the thread. The risk of fractures in the tensioning screw is minimised, lead differences are evened out – with less downtime, less need for maintenance and repairs, and a long lifespan of the hydraulic breaker.


The specially-developed thread style in all medium-weight and heavy range hydraulic breakers from Atlas Copco harmonises perfectly with the corresponding HeliCoil™ thread inserts.

The Advantages

  • better load distribution on the thread compared to standard thread inserts
  • optimal absorption of tension force within the hydraulic breaker, even under maximum loads
  • safe corrosion protection through use of chrome-nickel-steel
  • precise assembly with specially-coated surfaces
  • very hard-wearing (silver-coating of inserts)
  • easy to service with quick, simple replacement of parts
  • reliable prevention of dirt penetration into thread with sealed guide for tensioning screw within cylinder