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Industries & applications / Primary breaking in quarries / Rock mining without blasting

Rock mining without blasting

Rock mining with heavy-duty hydraulic breakers might be not feasible in every quarry.

HB 3600
For operations with an output of up to 600,000 tpy, feasibility studies should be carried out to show whether the use of heavy-duty hydraulic breakers represent an economic alternative to drilling & blasting.

Higher annual volumes may require additional mining units.

Arguments to use hydraulic breakers for primary breaking:

Enhancing productivity

  • by allowing continuous operations without interruptions for blasting and clearing
  • by obtaining the optimal yield from the approved mining volume
  • be reducing the load on the primary crusher, as preliminary reduction is effected by the hydraulic breaker
  • be increasing the primary crusher output
  • by allowing more flexible planning

Minimizing costs

  • by reducing the security outlay required to store explosives
  • by downsizing or completely eliminating the primary crusher
  • be enabling the use of continuous conveying systems
  • be simplifying approval procedures with authorities

Improving quality

  • by reducing the amount of fines and thus increasing sales revenue in cases where minimum grain sizes are specified
  • by reliability controlling grain size distribution
  • by allowing reproducible qualities
  • by allowing the selective mining of deposits

Reducing environmental pollution

  • by eliminating blasting emissions
  • by simplifying the mining of existing resources
  • by simplifying the restoration of the site upon closure
  • by protecting the surrounding rock

Improve safety

  • by avoiding flying rock
  • no closing off required

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