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Working in tunnel applications means extremely dusty environment, breakers are used mainly in horizontal or overhead position, water ingression, often 24h operation and maintenance under difficult conditions.


  • Tunnel heading
  • Augment other heading methods in loose and solid rock
  • Cavern construction
  • Construction of portals and intermediate sections
  • Contouring/scaling (SB and MB series)
  • Extension work

Good reasons to use hydraulic breakers:

  • Quick availability (standard equipment)
  • Easy to transport equipment combination to site
  • Adaptable to various cross-section shapes and rock conditions
  • Flexible combinations with existing equipment
  • Continuous work cycle: break out rock, clear, remove
  • No interruptions for blasting
  • Less damage to surrounding rock formation
  • Costs reduced through less damaging heading method
  • Precision contouring
  • No special equipment required 
  • No blasting logistics neccessary
  • Lower personnel qualifications required

Tunneling applications involve special features as regards working conditions. We recommend you to consult your Atlas Copco Customer Support beforehand.