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Press News

Selective Mining Atlas Copco breakers: Blast-free mining meets production targets in Latvia
Knauf Latvia produces construction materials in Sauriesi near Riga, the capital of Latvia. The main source of raw material is the company's gypsum quarry a few kilometers away. Blasting was used as main mining method.
SB 552, XAS 185 Atlas Copco breakers go beneath the surface to demolish dams on the Cuyahoga River in Ohio
The final stages of returning the once-polluted Cuyahoga River in Ohio to its pre-industrial splendor included the removal of the Sheraton Mill Dam and the LeFever Dam that once provided hydroelectric power for thriving local industries.
HB 3000 and CC 3300 U Bridge trick
Demolition crew had just hours to remove a bridge so its replacement could step into place.
HB 2000 Atlas Copco: high-speed pile driving in South Africa with HB 2000 hydraulic breakers
It has been said that the levels of solar radiation in South Africa are the best in the world, and the country has a rapidly emerging solar energy industry with a number of project sites in the Northern Cape.
HB 4100 under water Atlas Copco HB 4100 breaker used for underwater demolition in Italy
Since last August an Atlas Copco HB 4100 hydraulic breaker has been deployed for underwater demolition near Giglio Island, Tuscany, Italy. The work is the first phase of a major maritime engineering operation in which Atlas Copco is closely collaborating with Sales SpA, a well known Italian construction company specializing in infrastructure and maritime projects.
HB 4100 DP New Hydraulic Breaker HB 4100 from Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco presents the new hydraulic breaker HB 4100, which scores points in comparison with its predecessor model with less weight, better performance and higher efficiency.

HB 7000 HB 7000 breaker turns a nuclear facility into a valuable property
Indiana’s only nuclear facility “Marble Hill” hasn’t been notable for anything other than being an eyesore and a 30-year-old unfinished project. Now MCM Management Corp. is reclaiming the property with the help of Atlas Copco HB 7000 breakers and is turning it into a valuable piece of riverside land. MCM is clearing administrative buildings, outbuildings and thick concrete and rebar-covered silo and containment structures built literally nuclear blast proof. 

Three new heavy hydraulic breakers with PowerAdapt and optimized power-to-weight ratio
On the occasion of the Bauma 2010 fair Atlas Copco are introducing three new  heavy hydraulic breaker models with PowerAdapt and optimized power-to-weight ratio. The HB 2000 with its service weight of 2000 kg offers 10% more power than its predecessor, the HB 200. The new HB 3100 and HB 4700 with a service weight of 3100 and 4700 kg, respectively, deliver 5% and 13% more power than their predecessor models.
HB 3600 The new Atlas Copco HB 3600
More performance per kilo and a perfect match to carrier classes
HB 2200 Dust New breaker ventilation for tunnelling applications
At Bauma 2010 Atlas Copco launches a new carrier-integrated breaker ventilation system for tunneling applications. The ventilation system that delivers additional air is easy to install and minimizes the risk of extensive wear on hydraulic breakers.