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The complete HB range / The HB Range by numbers / The HB Range by numbers

The HB Range by numbers

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HB hydraulic breakersHB 2000HB 2500HB 3100HB 3600
Carrier weight class*t22-3827-4632-5235-63
Service weight**kg2000250031003600
Oil flowl/min150-190170-220210-270240-300
Operating pressurebar160-180160-180160-180160-180
Impact ratebpm300-625280-550280-560280-560
Working tool diametermm145155165170
Working length of working toolmm665680745770
Max. hydraulic input powerkW57668190
Start-up modeStartSelectStartSelectStartSelectStartSelect
Sound power level guaranteed***dB(A)120121119121
Sound pressure level (r=10m)***dB(A)91929092
Part number3363 1027 613363 0926 913363 1056 513363 1003 01
Equipped with DustProtectorHB 2000HB 2500HB 3100HB 3600
Working length of working toolmm600640700720
Part number3363 1044 173363 0938 713363 1056 493363 1007 79
* Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Atlas Copco and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.
** Breaker and breaker box with standard adapter plus working tool.
*** Important: EN ISO 3744 in accordance with directive 2000/14/EC. Full details of measurement are available in the Safety and Operating Instruction of the product. 

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HB hydraulic breakersHB 4100HB 4700HB 5800HB 7000HB 10000
Carrier weight class*t40-7045-8058-10070-12085-140
Service weight**kg410047005800700010000
Oil flowl/min250-320260-360310-390360-450450-530
Operating pressurebar160-180160-180160-180160-180160-180
Impact ragebpm280-550280-540280-480280-450250-380
Working tool diametermm180190200210240
Working length of working toolmm820860865935--
Max. hydraulic input powerkW96108117135159
Start-up modeStartSelectStartSelectStartSelectStartSelectStartSelect
Sound power level guaranteed***dB(A)123126121121123
Sound pressure level (r=10m)***dB(A)9396929293
Part number3363 1126 553363 1027 733363 0904 733363 0904 81--
Equipped with DustProtectorHB 4100HB 4700HB 5800HB 7000HB 10000
Working length of working toolmm775800810885880
Part number3363 1125 323363 1044 613363 0904 753363 0904 833363 1003 61