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Presidents / 11 Presidents

11 Presidents

Atlas Copco has had 11 CEOs throughout its 140-year history. In this picture from 2011, Ronnie Leten, Michael Treschow, Gunnar Brock and Giulio Mazzalupi are gathered for the inauguration of the Atlas Copco house in Sickla.

1873-1887: Eduard Fr盲nckel 1873-1887: Eduard Fränckel
Fränckel, mechanical director of the Swedish State Railways, was one of the driving forces behind the creation of AB Atlas. He became its first Managing Director.
1887-1909: Oscar Lamm 1887-1909: Oscar Lamm
Together with the Wallenberg brothers he was responsible for the liquidation of AB Atlas in 1890 and the formation of its corporate successor Nya AB Atlas. During this period there were a strategic shift towards production of more advanced products, such as steam engines and machine tools.

1909-1940: Gunnar Jacobsson 1909-1940: Gunnar Jacobsson
Gunnar Jacobsson, Managing Director of Nya AB Atlas from 1909, continued in the same position at AB Atlas Diesel after the merger with AB Diesels Motorer in 1917. He expanded the pneumatic range with new tools and air compressors.

1940-1957: Walter Wehtje 1940-1957: Walter Wehtje
He represented a new kind of leadership in what had hitherto been a technology-dominated company. Wehtje initiated an era of intensive concentration on compressed air products and on international marketing.

1957-1970: Kurt-Allan Belfrage 1957-1970: Kurt-Allan Belfrage
Kurt-Allan Belfrage put focus on research and development, also including major modernization and expansion plans for the production plants. The oil-free air compressor was introduced and opened up for new customer segments.

1970-1975: Erik Johnsson 1970-1975: Erik Johnsson
Erik Johnsson  started out with the company in 1930 and was its Managing Director between 1970 and 1975.
His lasting achievement lies chiefly in the sphere of industrial marketing.
1975-1991: Tom Wachtmeister 1975-1991: Tom Wachtmeister
He further decentralized the organization and divided it into three business areas and divisions with responsibility for R&D, production and marketing. The manufacturing and process industry customer segment became more in focus.
1991-1997: Michael Treschow 1991-1997: Michael Treschow
The Group’s development under Treschow’s leadership can be summarized as better stability, increased profitability and healthy growth, both through product development and acquisitions.
Atlas Copco History President 1997-2002 Giulio Mazzalupi 1997-2002: Giulio Mazzalupi
Giulio Mazzalupi  was the first non-Swede appointed President and CEO of the Atlas Copco Group. He strengthened the Group’s position through successful product innovations and through improving service to customers when the products are in use.

Atlas Copco History Gunnar Brock 2002 - 2009: Gunnar Brock
Gunnar Brock took Atlas Copco back to the core through divestments, but he also expanded into road construction. Putting more feet on the street and thus creating a more customer-centric organization were important strategies.
Atlas Copco History Ronnie Leten 2009... - Ronnie Leten
Further enhanced the focus on customer relations and experiences and reinforced Atlas Copco’s brand management. His approach includes a strengthened service strategy and structure, as well as improved operational excellence.