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Significant People

  • 1901 - Gustaf Ryd: Developed the first pneumatic hammers
  • 1906 - Jonas Hesselman: Designed a reverse gear diesel engine for marine use
  • 1910 - Gustaf Andersson: Developed a pneumatic chipping and riveting hammers with advanced design and a spool valve engine
  • 1930 - Gustaf Andersson:  Developed the important light RH pneumatic rockdrill, part of the Swedish Method
  • 1930 - David Roos: Developed a light and high efficiency compressor with a revolutionary efficient and light vane type motor
  • 1933 - Herman Pyk & John Munck: Innovators of the direct injection portable compressor
  • 1939 - Erik Ryd & Patrik Danielsson: Developed the pneumatic pusher leg for rock drilling equipment
  • 1955 - Alf Lysholm: Innovator of the screw compressor
  • 1955 - Karl-Erik Hilfing: Developed an air-cooled compressor with low weight and high efficiency, the VT type
  • 1958 - Iwan Akerman: Developed the oil-free air screw compressor
  • 1967 - Ivar Trulsson: Designed the successful ZR type oil-free, electrically driven, stationary compressor
  • 1973 - Vigg Romell: Designed and developed the first hydraulic rock drill
  • 1990 - Christian Scoeps: Developed the ErgoPulse hydraulic impulse nutrunner
  • 1992 - Karl-Axel Stjernström, Kurt Andersson & Jörgen Rodert: Developed the Coprod system. The Coprod system is a patented innovation which provides an important increase in drilling productivity for large hole sizes
  • 1993 - Crister Hansson: Developed the innovative electric nutrunner, Tensor S
  • 1994 - Sverker Hartwig, Chris Lybaert & Ludo Van Nederkassel: Developed the Variable Speed Drive Compressor
  • 1994 - Rolf Jacobsson: Developed a unique turbine motor in the world’s most powerful hand-held grinder, the GTG40