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Expanding the scope

1997-2002: Expanding the scope

Internet integration

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As an international manufacturer with vast logistic operations, Atlas Copco clearly realized the enormous possibilities of the Internet. During the years, Atlas Copco carried out a number of Internet projects with the goal to broaden and deepen the sales reach, to improve service to customers, and to enhance efficiency.

Internet technologies were integrated to support all business processes related to people, products and customers. It was now possible to monitor a compressor from a distance, and the first remotely controlled drill rigs were under construction.

The Atlas Copco Group launched a new Internet portal in 2000, making all the brands in the Group seamlessly integrated through a common gateway. In the area of e-commerce, applications were implemented whereby distributors worldwide could place and track orders and receive account information. New functions to better support distributors and serve customers were offered continuously.

Expanding the scope

When Giulio Mazzalupi became President and CEO of Atlas Copco in 1997, Atlas Copco strengthened its focus on growth. The growth goal was to be achieved through three main directions; organic growth within existing business, the presence should be strengthened in Asian markets, and finally to increase revenues when products were in use, such as maintenance, spare parts and accessories, as well as equipment rental.

Atlas Copco was involved in the rapidly growing equipment rental market. In 1997 Atlas Copco made its biggest acquisition ever when Prime Service Corporation was purchased. The acquisition was an important step in line with the new strategic direction to increase revenues related to when products are used. More acquisitions in the rental equipment industry followed. In 1999, North American Rental Service Corporation was acquired. That same year, a fourth business area was established, the Rental Service business area. In 2001 Prime Service and Rental Service Corporation were merged.

Design and Development for the 21st century

Tensor S
Reducing energy consumption with up to 30%, has made the VSD (Variable Speed Drive) compressor a commercial success. Its special drive system ensures that the compressor always delivers the right amount of air, thus saves energy.

Another breakthrough was the new generation of electric power tools, first presented in 1993, the Tensor S/ Power Focus. The nutrunner has a unique motor with greater efficiency, lighter weight and more power than any other available on the market. It has rapidly become a sales success in the mass-production motor vehicle industry.

Another product development break through was the Cobra mk1, the most powerful fuel-driven asphalt breaker in the market. It has won several prizes for its ergonomic and environmentally-friendly design.