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AXE28: AXE electrical poker with devibrated handle

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The AX series is a good alternative for medium to high-slump concrete. Powerful and fast yet with a lower absorbed intensity that requires smaller converters. AX heads have a compact design thanks to bolt-on eccentric weights.

Features & benefits

  • Ball & needle bearing
  • Oil lubrication
  • Helical rotor
  • 5 m of hose
  • Toggle switch box
  • EEC plug
  • Devibrated handle


  • High - medium and low slump concrete - walls - forms - slabs - columns - precast

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Tube diameter28 mm
Voltage (V)42V-3-200Hz
Power200 W
Tube length239 mm
Hose length0.5 m
Cable length15 m
Tube weight2.4 kg
Total weight5.2 kg
Frequency in concrete (vpm)12000
Amperage at 42V (A)4
Vibration type600
Centrifugal force0.9 N
Amplitude3.2 mm
Vibration value*78 m/s²

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