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BH160: Pneumatic poker system for heavy duty applications

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The BH160 is a heavy-duty alternative to regular electric or pneumatic pokers in applications such as dams, dry docks, wave breakers or other mass concrete vibration applications. Up to 8 pokers can be placed on one hydraulic beam, controlled by an integrated electronic system. The beam is then connected to a carrier, e.g. a hydraulic excavator.

Features & benefits

  • High centrifugal force
  • Large diameter of 160 mm
  • Up to eight pokers can be fitted on a customized beam attached on excavator
  • Simple to maintain


  • Earth moist
  • Hard & low slump concrete - dam - harbor - foundations - waves breakers

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Tube diameter155 mm
Average frequency on load7500 rpm
Average centrifugal force on load20348 N
Hose length2 m
Tube length470 mm
Tube weight24 kg
Total weight42 kg
Idling frequency 2500 rpm
Amplitude4.3 mm
Length of rigid section1145 mm
Hydraulic flow18 l/min
Maxi pressure on load160 bar

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