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BMT 51: Pusher leg for BBC 16W rock drill

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Pusher legs must be light, yet strong. Standard aluminium is light, but it just isn’t tough enough to meet our high demands. Atlas Copco BMT 51 pusher leg is made with an alloy that was developed for use in spacecrafts. Not only is it strong, but it features a large piston diameter for high feed force. A simple, robust design for reliable operation and a minimum maintenance.

Features & benefits

  • Double-acting: push out and pull back in
  • Simple to connect


  • Production drilling
  • Mining and construction
  • Dimension stone industry

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Pusher leg typeSingle telescope
Feeding length1300 mm
Length extracted2958 mm
Length retracted1658 mm
Weight15 kg
Piston diameter60 mm
Double actingYes
Feed control on legNo
Suitable for rock drill
Pusher leg rock drillBBC 16W, BBC 16WS