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SC 2500: Steel cutters – the long-awaited portfolio addition

Our range of steel cutters offers an enormous cutting power. Rapid cycle times support incredible productivity. SC steel cutters will cut tonnes of steel in the blink of an eye. Six types are available for carriers of 16-110 tonnes. They can be boom or stick-mounted.

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Features & benefits

  • Replaceable cutting knives for greatest power
    Feature replaceable cutting knives. The nose knive is completely encased. To benefit from the greatest cutting power, the jaw is designed in a way that material is forced deep into it.
  • Headpiece and slewing ring
    A strong rotating headpiece and an over-dimensioned, double-rowed slewing ring. Easy positioning through a high torque created by hydraulic engine and gearbox.

  • Specially developed hydraulic cylinder
    Integrated speed valve allows the jaws to close quickly. Effortless switch from speed to power mode as soon as power is needed. Steel cutter body has been assembled from high-grade and wear resistant materials.

  • Double hose connection
    The double hose connection on the swivel and large diameter of hoses, bores and pipes create optimal oil flow. This counters heat build-up in the hydraulic system, reducing the scrap shear´s fuel consumption.

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Hole patternHB 2000- HB 2500
Weight without adapter2500 kg
Excavator - Boom mounted16 t
Excavator - Stick mounted21 t
Operating pressure350 bar
Oil flow max.240 l/min
Cutting force
Tip - D130 ton
Apex - E240 ton
Throat - F532 ton
Dimension A2657 mm
Dimension B445 mm
Dimension C416 mm