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Genuine parts: Only Genuine parts stand for quality

Why Genuine parts?
1. Protect the Customers Investment Only Atlas Copco genuine spare parts, which have passed the same endurance tests as the Light Tower, are proven to offer the best protection for the customers investment. Atlas Copco genuine spare parts have recommended service intervals, specific to the oLight Tower model, that will ensure that the part is changed at the optimal time. Non-genuine spare parts are usually sold for a broad range of equipment, so do not take into consideration the specific demands of an Atlas Copco Light Tower. This means that any initial saving, from a lower purchase cost, can often be outweighed by shorter service intervals.

2. Peace of Mind Genuine parts are designed to protect the specific components of an Atlas Copco Light Tower and are highly engineered to match these requirements. This ensures that the liability for future costs, such as repair and loss of production are kept to a minimum.

***Atlas Copco guarantees supply of genuine parts until 10 years after production stop of your machine.***

Features & benefits

  • Feature Manufactured according to Atlas Copco specifications.
  • Benefit Reduces operational costs and fewer production interruptions.
  • Feature Every part undergoes complete endurance testing for operation under the toughest conditions.
  • Benefit Excellent protection of the generator guaranteeing long service life.
  • Feature Meets the strictest requirements for safety and quality.
  • Benefit Increased resale value.
Additional Marketing information

60 Years of expertise and technology built into our pumps WEDA Pumps originate from the old WEDA foundry in the 1950’s and the engineering company from the 1960’s. The pumps were developed by engineers in Sweden, the home country of submersible pumps. Today, development and production continues in our factory in Germany. With the ability to handle flows up to 5400 gpm and ranging upto 85 hp, WEDA can meet the demands form a wide variety of applications . Teamed up with the ATLAS COPCO world wide network you can always count on the availabilty of pumps and support, no matter where in the world you are. With our strict ISO 9001 plan and sophisticated testing facilities we can guarantee the highest quality in production and material. The result: a sturdy and reliable pump supported by the world wide Atlas Copco network.