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Energy Efficiency Audits

Sustainable energy savings

For an Energy Efficiency Audit of your air distribution system, Atlas Copco employs its own Energy Efficiency Calculator to recommend a correct air line installation. This will result in higher productivity with lower energy consumption and a sustainable reduction in energy costs – and the benefits don’t end there.

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Pressure check and visual inspection

A huge amount of energy is wasted due to leaks in compressed air systems. Capacity losses of up to 20% are common in many installations. During an Energy Efficiency Audit Atlas Copco checks the static and dynamic pressure for your air tools on the line. The pressure drop is measured and documented and a visual inspection of the air installation is performed. Based on the information acquired, using the Energy Efficiency Calculator, Atlas Copco recommends the correct installation in terms of air line accessories and various other aspects.

Benefits your business and the environment

The result will be substantial improvements – most significantly a sustainable reduction in energy consumption. A correct installation also ensures higher output and torque for air tools and, in turn, increased productivity. Long-term value is created as well, since the working lifetimes of the tools will be prolonged. Other benefits for your business and the environment include a reduction in CO2 emissions and less use of lubricants.