Xchange programs

Replace major components with new more efficient components


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The Xchange Program offers you the possibility to replace major components of your compressor with new more efficient components.

Motor xchange program

TH-ZS_0019_100 ZS_Mount Motor_d01_1075
Energy consumption is the major cost in the total life cycle cost of any compressor. Under the Xchange Motor Program, the latest high efficiency motors are used to replace old less efficient motors or failed motors that require rewinding. These new motors come complete with adaptation components making the exchange a quick exercise. The energy savings with the new motors are guaranteed.

Element xchange program

GA 160 Xchange Element
The overhaul is arranged in advance based on the expected life of the compressor element and condition monitoring. This proactive planning ensures that there is a reduced risk of faillure and prevents production loss. The combination of Atlas Copco genuine parts and skilled expertise by Atlas Copco engineers ensures that overhauled elements are restored to their original highly performance levels, increasing your profitability.

Converter xchange program

The Xchange Converter program is a one step replacement solution to upgrade Atlas Copco VSD compressors with new variable speed drives. The lifecycle of a variable speed drive progresses from active phase to the obsolete phase in just a few years. Towards the obsolete phase the converters become difficult and expensive to repair. 

The Converter Xchange program easily overcomes this difficulty and ensures that the customer’s equipment is back in operation after a minimal intervention period.


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