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LMP24 HR003-13: Stall type, pistol nutrunner

With the LMP24 range of pistol grip nutrunners from Atlas Copco you get the highest possible torque and speed in relation to the weight of the tool. The LMP24 HR range is compact, robust, vibrationsfree and reversible.

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Features & benefits

  • Swiveling function as an optional accessory makes tool positioning easy.
  • Reversible
  • Vibrationfree
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Stall type tool where torque output is set by the air pressure

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Free speed250 r/min
Weight1.2 kg
Air consumption at free speed11 l/s
Air inlet thread6.35 mm
Spline type1
Model typePistol
Sound standardISO15744
Sound pressure79 dB(A)
Vibration value<2.5 m/s²
Max working pressure7 bar
Sound uncertainty3 dB(A)
Vibration standardISO28927-2
Bolt sizeM8 mm
Bolt size5/16 inch
Square drive1/2 inch
Length210 mm
Recommended hose size10 mm
Max torque at 6.3 bar30 Nm
Max torque at 91 psi22 ft lb
Min torque at 43psi (ft lb)10 ft lb
Min torque at 3 bar (Nm)14 Nm

Included accessories with this product

  • Reaction bar

    Reaction bar

    4210 2134 00

  • Nut


    4210 1799 00


  • Exhaust hose kit - L = 270 mm

    Exhaust hose kit

    L = 270 mm

    4210 2053 00

  • Swivel attachment

    Instructions, Please see Printed MatterNo.9836067200

    4210 2249 80

  • Quick change retainer



    4250 1190 00

  • Reacktion bracket

    Reacktion bracket

    4210 1798 01

  • Balancer

    RIL 4C

    8202 0702 18

  • Zero Gravity balancer

    COL 1 02

    8202 0750 19

  • MultiFlex connector - Swivelling type, NPT

    MultiFlex connector

    Swivelling type, NPT

    8202 1350 26

  • Balancer

    RIL 4C

    8202 0702 18

  • Suspension yoke

    Suspension yoke

    4210 0243 00

  • Zero Gravity balancer

    COL 1 02

    8202 0750 19

  • Reaction bar, bracket stepped - Rounded sides

    Reaction bar, bracket stepped

    Rounded sides

    4210 1798 02

  • MultiFlex - Swivelling type, BSP


    Swivelling type, BSP

    8202 1350 20

  • Reaction bar - Straight

    Reaction bar

    Straight. Mounting: Mounted on the front gear splines

    4210 1798 00

  • Spindle extension

    115 mm x 1/2'

    4210 2154 80

  • MultiFlex - Swivelling type, BSP


    Swivelling type, BSP

    8202 1350 20

Atlas Copco USA - Eco Design
Eco Design and environmental aspects of product development is nothing new to us. Atlas Copco has a history of developing modular tools with a deep respect for materials and natural resources used in the products. We always strive to maximize the functionality of the product and at the same time minimize the energy consumption to make sure the environmental impact is as low as possible. By developing accurate tools we make sure the customer never has to waste time or energy to re-do an operation. For battery tools we also have the option to connect multiple tools to one controller and thereby decrease the standby energy consumption considerably.

Eco Design is all about minimizing a product's environmental impact during its entire life-cycle, including extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, customer usage and recycling while maximizing the productivity.

Our approach to Eco Design

Eco Design
Within Industrial Technique we approach Eco Design from six different areas. These form the core of the Eco Design review performed in each product development project. This procedure helps define Eco Design targets early in the project.
    We avoid hazardous substances and materials listed on the Atlas Copco Restricted & Prohibited list.
    We use materials and structural features to minimize the product’s weight and invest in strong, durable materials to protect the product.
    We avoid mixing materials since blends inhibit recycling and consider fastening methods to facilitate disassembly.
    We consider how the final product will be used in order to minimize energy and resource consumption in the use phase, in production and during transportation.
    We design with recycling in mind. We promote repair and upgrading, especially for long lasting and system-dependent products. To increase the customer’s awareness regarding the importance of recycling, we are now including Recycling Instructions in the Product Information (PI).
    We prepare for upgrading, maintenance and recycling, through labelling, modularization and information in the product information.
This is how we do Sustainable Productivity in practice!