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TPS Controller: TPS Controller - Control the sequence and the position

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Atlas Copco TPS Controller offers reliable operator guidance for zero-fault assembly. With a TPS controller you are always sure that the operators tighten the joints in the correct sequence and the correct position. The TPS controller works together with the SML/SMS T-series positioning torque arms or the SMC POSI L/LA torque arms and tool controller. The torque arms are equipped with encoders, SMS T-series have 2 angle encoders and SML Tseries have 1 linear encoder and 1 angle encoder. The SMC POSI L is equipped with 1 linear encoder to measure the distance the arm travels. SMC POSI LA is equipped with 2 encoders, to measure the distance the arm travel and the angle. The TPS works with digital I/Os for OK or NOK signals to the tool controller to determine the sequence and position of the tool, if the tool is out of position the tool will not start and when the tool is in position it will be able to start. After a correct tightening with OK signal from tool/controller the operator will receive an OK signal from the TPS and is able to start in the next position. The TPS is a stand alone system that works together with Power Focus, Tensor DL/DS Drive D312/D31, Micro Torque controllers and EBL RE driver. To operate TPS with RE controlled air tools, a pneumatic license and air tool package should be ordered. Barcode reader, Pneumatic tool and Result report options are activated by a license code and need to be ordered separately.

Features & benefits

  • Reliable operator guidance for zero-fault assembly
  • Controls tightening sequence and positioning
  • Fast, easy set-up and programming
  • 50 jobs, 500 positions
  • OK/NOK signals for positioning and job
  • The tool will not start when it is out of position
  • Batch count together with OK/NOK for positioning
  • Works together with Atlas Copco electric tools and RE controlled pneumatic tools
  • Saves and uploads set-up to a PC
  • ESD approved
  • It is recommended to order an SMS/SML T positioning torque arm together with the TPS Controller

Technical description

How to order a TPS system

1. TPS Controller
2. Select positioning torque arm by style (T-series linear or swivel, or SMC telescopic) and torque arm capacity
3. Cable TPS to tool controller
4. Power supply - optional. (Order power cord separately)
5. Select other options if applicable
TPS Controller user guide (only available in English)

Additional products for a complete tool system

Suitable cables
ModelLength (metre)Ordering No.
Cable TPS to controller Power Focus/ Tensor3 m4222 1715 03
Cable TPS to controller Power Focus/ Tensor10 m4222 1715 10
Cable TPS to EBL RE Driver1.5 m4222 1733 01
Cable TPS to EBL RE Driver3 m4222 1733 03
Cable TPS to controller G41.54222 1734 01
Cable TPS to controller G4 3 m4222 1734 03
Cable TPS to controller MTF4001.54222 1735 01
Cable TPS to controller MTF4003 m4222 1735 03
TPS Open End cable3 m4222 1743 03
TPS Open End cable10 m4222 1743 10
Suitable power supply/ cord
ModelOrdering No.
Power supply
24VDC 30W4222 1728 50
Power Cord
EU4222 1371 02
US4222 1372 02
UK4222 1373 02
India4222 1374 02
Switzerland4222 1375 02
Italy4222 1376 02
Australia4222 1377 02
Denmark422 1378 02
Suitable license
ModelOrdering No.
Barcode licens4390 2045 00
Pneumatic license4390 2046 00
Reporting license4390 2047 00
Suitable controller accessories
ModelOrdering No.
I/O Extension TPS4390 2049 00

Spare parts lists, Dimensional drawings, Exploded Views, Service Instructions, etc.

Spare parts, Dimensional Drawings, Service Instructions, Industrial tools.
Below you find links to Atlas Copco ServAid application, where you find spare parts list and product instructions and a link to the Dimensional Drawing archive where you can find 2D and 3D drawings in PDF, DXF and IGS format.

Product views

See the product in action


  • TPS to DS/DL/Power Focus cable

    L=3 m

    4222 1715 03

  • TPS to DS/DL/Power Focus cable

    L=10 m

    4222 1715 10

  • TPS to EBL cable

    L=1.5 m

    4222 1733 01

  • TPS to EBL cable

    L=3 m

    4222 1733 03

  • TPS to MT G4 cable

    L=1.5 m

    4222 1734 01

  • TPS to MT G4 cable

    L=3 m

    4222 1734 03

  • TPS to MTF 400 cable

    L=1.5 m

    4222 1735 01

  • TPS to MTF 400 cable

    L=3 m

    4222 1735 03

  • TPS to open end

    L=3 m

    4222 1743 03

  • TPS to open end

    L=10 m

    4222 1743 10

  • Power Supply

    24 VDC 30 W

    4222 1728 50

  • Y-cable

    RS232, com 1 and com 2

    4222 1731 80

  • I/O Extension

    10 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs

    4390 2049 00

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  • Reporting license

    Reporting license - for TPS Controller

    4390 2047 00

  • Barcode license

    Barcode license - for TPS Controller

    4390 2045 00

  • Pneumatic license

    Pneumatic license - for TPS Controller

    4390 2046 00