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Dynapac Gear Oil 300: Oil for your equipment

4812 0315 74

Used in:

  • Conveyor gear boxes, auger gear boxes and split gear boxes on pavers and mobile feeders.
  • Drive wheel gears for planers (some models).
  • Roller drums, drum gears and in rear axles of CA rollers.

Features & benefits

  • Significant improved wear protection prevents premature material fatigue and wear.
  • Additive increased reserve for longer oil change intervals and long-term protection in the final drive.
  • Optimized frictional conditions allowing a substancial reduction of power dissipation and peak temperature.
  • Increased oil life based on increased oxidation stability and reduced operating temperature.
  • Significantly improved compatibility for increased protection against leaks.
  • Lower pollution and increase recycling capacity by significantly reducing chlorine content.
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209 liter drum - P/N 4812 0315 74

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Packaging209 l