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Rubber pad kits: Kits come in two versions

Includes rubber pads, screws and nuts

Rebuild version: Considered a rebuild version which includes plates, rubber pads, screws and nuts.
Replace version: Replaces worn out pads on a Rebuild version consisting of rubber pads, screws and nuts

All in one Box includes all required rubber pads and mounting hardware. Rubber pads are designed to Dynapac specification to ensure maximum traction and optimum steering performance.

Features & benefits

  • Proper maintenance is recommended reducing loss of traction, steering and improper balance of machine. Cleaning tracks daily will extend life and maximize performance.

Helpful hints

  • To avoid unexpected downtime, always perform visual inspections of track section including track rollers, idler and drive sprocket during cleaning.
  • Always check and adjust track chain daily.
  • Dynapac Paver Grease is recommended for optimum lubrication.
  • For high performance of Drive Gear Box, Dynapac recommends using Dynapac Gear Oil 200.