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Media / Calendar / Atlas Copco to demonstrate energy efficient compressed air technology at ComVac

Atlas Copco to demonstrate energy efficient compressed air technology at ComVac

From industrial-standard and oil-free compressed air to nitrogen, oxygen and vacuum systems: Atlas Copco provides suitable tailor-made solutions for all air requirements and business sizes. At this year´s ComVac event, the company will demonstrate its innovations and new developments in all areas of compressed air and vacuum generation and present tailor-made service and optimization offers.

Highest efficiency in the compressor room

The center piece of the Atlas Copco Stand at this year´s ComVac event (Hall 26, Booth B40) will be "the most energy efficient compressor chamber we've ever had", reports Jürgen Wisse, Business Line Manager for Industrial Compressed Air at Atlas Copco Kompressoren und Drucklufttechnik GmbH in Essen. "Visitors can experience two complete, operating installations in the middle of our exhibition stand", states Mr. Wisse. "We will showcase examples on location of energy-saving solutions for all air requirements". 

An oil-injected, speed-controlled screw-type compressor from the extremely compact GA VSD+ model range, for instance, will generate compressed air that will supply a nitrogen generator among other things. A second installation will show an oil-free, condensing toothed compressor from the ZT series in action, which will operate an oxygen generator with the compressed air generated.

Advanced Vacuum technology

Atlas Copco's contribution will further extend to vacuum technology: As a world first, the company will showcase a prototype of its new GHS 1900 VSD+ vacuum pump, designed to precisely adapt vacuum generation to the customer's requirements as part of a central supply system, and which, as Atlas Copco puts it, demonstrates a quantum leap in efficiency, performance capacity and environmental compatibility. The GHS 1900 VSD+ is a further addition to the latest GHS 350-900 VSD+ vacuum series, which will be officially launched at ComVac. 

The GHS VSD+ series is heralded as a new product range of highly-efficient, intelligent vacuum pumps with variable speed control (VSD = Variable Speed Drive). The models in the range are expected to facilitate energy savings of around 50%. Alongside this new development, Atlas Copco will also demonstrate vacuum solutions at the trade fair. In addition to one and two-stage, oil-sealed rotating-valve vacuum pumps, the portfolio will also include a new vacuum booster, piston pumps, liquid-ring pumps and steam ejectors.

Speed Regulation Reduces Energy Costs

Atlas Copco will exhibit multiple solutions for varied air requirements. The ComVac exhibitor, for instance, is set to demonstrate various technologies for the energy-efficient generation of industrial air: from scroll compressors to the very latest oil-injected GA-VSD+compressors, which operate extremely economically owing to variable speed regulation.

100 % Oil-Free Air for All Applications

Operators looking for 100 % oil-free compressed air without having to rely on conditioning with separators and filters may browse our range of completely oil-free condensing compressors at the event. Atlas Copco received official TÜV certification years ago for its "Z" compressors, attesting to "absolute oil-free compressed air according to class 0". Toothed and screw-type compressors from the ZR series as well as oil-free ZS blowers for low-pressure applications among other technologies will be on show at the ComVac event.

Virtual Demo of ZH Turbocompressors

An interactive virtual presentation will also provide visitors with information on ZH-series oil-free, turbo-compressors, which are capable of generating volume flows in excess of 4000 m³ per hour.

Innovative Nitrogen Generation with 350 Bar

Atlas Copco will also offer a sneak preview of its new nitrogen generators at the trade fair event – from its entry-level model designed for large-volume generation to its high-class generator with comprehensive functionalities. For special applications, such as laser cutting and bottle filling, Atlas Copco is set to demonstrate generators at the trade fair in Hanover that can supply nitrogen at pressures of up to 350 bar.

Efficient Installations

With its highly-efficient installations, Atlas Copco will bring the subject of "Energy saving and recovery" to the forefront of the trade fair event. It's not just the compressors that operate very efficiently: the AirNet pipework supply system too also saves energy and installation outlay as the plug-in components can be easily connected and disconnected by hand.

Remote Service

Almost all of the compressors at the booth will be equipped with the "Smartlink" system. This will enable Atlas Copco to monitor the equipment status of the machines remotely. Atlas Copco has been awarded the "Frost and Sullivan Award 2014" for their service and the Smartlink system. 

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The Atlas Copco booth on the Hannovermesse / ComVac 2015 presents energy-efficient compressed air and vacuum solutions.

The GHS 1900 VSD+ vacuum pump with variable speed drive adapts perfectly to the individual vacuum needs

GA VSD+ compressors with variable speed drive a operating extremely cost efficient.

ZH turbo compressors produce 100 % oli free air and free air delivery of over 4000 m³ per hour

The Nitrogen generators’s working principle of the NGP range is based on Pressure swing Adsorption technology.They produce 95 to 99,999 % pure Oxigen

The Airnet piping system saves energy and assembling effort

Smartlink is an easy to handle and tailor-made software for efficient monitoring of compressors