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Media / Local company news / Atlas Copco’s website goes mobile

Atlas Copco’s website goes mobile


Atlas Copco has just moved one step forward on web design, with the launching of web in responsive design, in order to provide all customers, prospects and other stakeholders with an optimal and efficient viewing experience across a wide range of different technologies be it computers, tablets or smartphones.

Atlas Copco News - 1302_image responsive design
Today, more than half of the internet users in countries like the U.S., India and China are using tablets or smart phones rather than laptops or desktop computers. In business to business the rate of adaptation is still low, but expected to increase rapidly in the near future.

With responsive design all Atlas Copco websites will recognize the type of devise the visitor is using and adapt the website format to suit the size of this device. This means Atlas Copco will meet visitors’ demands and make it easy to navigate on the websites.

Web responsive design guarantees easy reading and navigation with a minimum or resizing and scrolling as the layout adapts itself to the screen size of the visitors' devices. On smaller screens (like smartphones, tablets), the website will always show at its optimum, no matter which device the visitor is using.

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