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Media / Product and service news / New Odex G3 increases productivity and reliability in overburden casing drilling

New Odex G3 increases productivity and reliability in overburden casing drilling


The third generation of Atlas Copco’s Odex under-reaming systems has now been developed, making casing drilling with Odex equipment more productive and reliable than ever.

For decades, Atlas Copco’s Odex drilling system has been an industry standard for shallow well drilling and micro-piling in unstable ground. Now the technology has been further improved with the introduction of the third generation – Odex G3.
Designed and engineered in close co-operation with users, the new system has been developed in response to market demand for increased productivity, improved reliability and lower drilling costs.

On the Odex G3, the thread on the pilot bit has been eliminated, making the system considerably stronger. In addition, the reamer has a larger swing angle which increases the penetration speed and makes it easier and quicker to flush out the cuttings from the hole. The location of the flushing holes also helps keep the reamer clean, which makes it easier to retract.
Odex G3 reamers are equipped with high quality carbide inserts for longer life. There is also a no-thread locking mechanism that attaches the pilot bit to the guide (Patents Pending) which makes it impossible for the system to break apart during drilling.

These improvements offer significant benefits for overburden drilling companies, among them Sotkamon Porakaivo Oy, the largest well drill and pile drilling company in Finland. In 2006, the company invested approximately EURO 700,000 in Atlas Copco equipment and is already using the Odex G3 to advantage.
Arto Määttä, Managing Director, and one of three brothers who jointly own the company, says: “Atlas Copco’s work to develop and improve casing drilling systems has brought new concepts to the market like the Symmetrix method, and now the Odex G3 which drastically improve the contractor’s productivity and profitability.

“The use of casings in well drilling and piling is very advanced today compared to what it was a few years ago and this has improved productivity for the whole industry.” 
There are seven sizes in the new system ranging from 3-4 inch hammers (Odex 90) to 6-8 inch hammers) Odex 190.

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  • Picture 400884: The new Atlas Copco Odex G3. This new generation under-reaming system is lighter, stronger and more effective. It has a non-thread pilot bit, a unique locking mechanism between the bit and the guide, and a larger swing angle for the reamer, all providing significant productivity improvements
  • Picture 400885: The location of the flushing holes on the new Atlas Copco Odex G3 helps to keep the reamer clean which, in turn, makes it easier to retract the bit from the hole.
  • Picture 400886: The new Atlas Copco Odex G3 is fitted with high quality carbide inserts for high penetration and longer life.
  • Picture 400893: Arto Määtä, Managing Director of Sotkamon Porakaivo Oy, the largest well drill and pile drilling company in Finland: “Atlas Copco concepts like Symmetrix and Odex G3 drastically improve the contractor’s productivity.”  

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