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New TwinAir™ record air flow from Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco’s new TwinAir™ range of containerized air compressors introduces revolutionary concept to offer the largest volume of air flow at up to 1058 l/s (2232 cfm).  At the same time it provides the smallest footprint at low and high pressure for specialized drilling, mining,  pipeline contractors and the oil and gas industries.

New TwinAir record air flow from Atlas Copco
The new TwinAir™ range of air compressors from Atlas Copco has been designed to meet the high demands of specialized drilling, mining, pipelines and the oil and gas industries for increased capacity compressors and enhanced productivity.
It features two operationally independent compressors with interconnected air outlets housed within a specially designed 20ft ISO container to provide a robust, energy efficient and safety enhanced air supply unit at low and high pressure.
The unique package delivers the highest volume of compressed air available in a portable package with the smallest footprint.
The Atlas Copco model XAH 1066 (XAH 2250 CD6) delivers a total actual free air delivery (f.a.d.) of 1058 l/s (2232 cfm) at a working pressure of 12 bar (175 psi).
The XRV 946 (XRV 2000 CD6) delivers a f.a.d. of 936 l/s (1975 cfm) at a working pressure of 25 bar (365 psi).
All models operate at an ambient temperature of -10°C to 50°C (16°F to 122°F) and an altitude of up to 3000 m.  With cold start equipment the units can operate at a minimum temperature of – 25°C (-13° F).
Specialized applications for the new range include under balanced drilling, large diameter drilling, directional drilling, nitrogen plant, flaring, geothermal steam well drilling, coal bed methane borehole drilling and commissioning/decommissioning large steel structures on exploration and production rigs.
Two versions of the new range are available including a standard ‘build’ for the on shore drilling and construction-related applications.  An upgraded version is also available for the offshore industry meeting all the necessary certification for a rig safe machine.

Containerized air-power

New TwinAir record air flow from Atlas Copco
Housed within a specially designed container of ISO dimensions ensures fast installation and minimized set up times.
CSC approval means that the unit is easily and legally transportable as container cargo resulting in reduced transportation costs.  The containerized unit also features fork lift slots and lifting eyes for ease of mobility on-site and loading onto, for example, flat bed trucks.
TwinAir™ also provides excellent stack-ability during storage or if space is a premium with up to three standard units being stacked, or eight offshore units.

Air outlets are fitted at both ends of the container together with a large grating for efficient air intake. A double ceiling within the container provides separation of the cold intake air channel and hot air outlet improving the ambient condition performance.

Corrosion resistance

High specification paint finishes for corrosion protection make the containers eminently suited for harsh environments including offshore applications.  
The containers also feature stainless steel door locks and hinges to provide additional corrosion resistance and added security. Door safe-hooks also help to avoid accidental closure when servicing.

Twin engines

Prime power is provided by two Caterpillar  C13 Acert, six cylinder in-line diesel engines each rated at 328 kW (440 hp) to provide a combined total of 656 kW (880 hp) at 1600 rpm.  The engines meet stage 3A (EU)/Tier III (EPA) legislation.
Independent access controls for both engines provide the option to use a single power plant in the compressor for half the maximum flow if required.  
Fuel coolers fitted as standard, increase fuel efficiency and performance of both engines. Over speed protection/intake shutdown controls also prevent engine over runs and three standard emergency stop buttons can disable both power-plants.


Large service doors provide easy access for walk-in servicing and maintenance.  The open layout design allows the technician to stand up and move around the interior of the container.
An ergonomically designed built-in ladder system provides access to the roof for service whilst a self-powered internal lighting system allows service operations 24/7.
All components have been positioned for ease of access and centrally located drains for the compressor element, air receiver and engine coolant for example, ensure fast and easy drainage at the recommended intervals.

Spillage-free skid frames protect the environment from inadvertent spills.

The container also houses storage space for parts and small tools.
A maintenance service kit provides the necessary parts for servicing in a single convenient kit.

Throughout the TwinAir™ unit quality components ensure extended life.

Air filters are service friendly for disassembly and reassembly plus all inlet pipes are protected against sharp edges and heat deformation.    Heavy duty, 2-stage specially impregnated air filters are fitted for the offshore version.
Separate circuits for the engine and compressor air filtration are provided and a safety cartridge is fitted as standard.

Fuel system

With a combined capacity of 1800 liters (476 US Gal) the fuel tanks are sufficient to keep TwinAir™ operating at full load for up to 9 hours.
All models are fitted with a quick coupling external fuel connection for linking to an external fuel tank for continuous operation.  The oil separator element has a lifetime of 1000 hours.

Standard options

  • TwinAir™ offers a wide range of optional extras to further improve the performance of the unit and meet specific requirements of the application.
  • Oiltronix™ guarantees that there is virtually no water in the compressed air system, thereby ensuring an extended air-end lifetime.
  • FuelXpert™ offers major fuel savings at partial load guaranteeing best in class efficiency.
  • Cold weather equipment - a minimum operating temperature of -10°C (14°F) is standard. An Eberspacher fuel heater for starting to -25°C (-13°F) together with bigger batteries, 5W40 engine oil and Paroil S compressor oil are also available plus a blow-off valve on the receiver tank is also fitted.
  • COSMOS™ - a comprehensive service and maintenance system guarantees the exact location of the unit and indicates the state of each machine, for example, when servicing is required.  

Offshore version

The offshore version of TwinAir™ is additionally DNV 2.7-1 certified a mandatory crash frame certificate for the offshore environment.  This unit also includes over-speed protection should flammable gas or vapor be drawn in to the intake of a diesel engine, acting as an additional ungoverned fuel supply.
A spark arrestor is also fitted to prevent hot particles leaving the exhaust pipes.   
External battery switch - to isolate the battery when servicing or relocating.
Fuel cut-off - European standards covering engine operation hazardous areas where flammable gas or vapor may exist, requires that both the engine fuel and intake air supplies are automatically shutdown if engine over speed occurs.
Platform shutdown/‘Yellow’ - electrical circuitry for connection to a centralized system of shutting down operating equipment on an offshore platform.

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Portable Air Division

Portable Air is a division within Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area. It develops, manufactures and markets portable oil-injected and oil-free air compressors, and generators for prime or standby power worldwide, under several brands, to the construction and general industries. The division also serves customers in selected geographic markets and industry segments with temporary air and power rental solutions. The divisional headquarters and main production center are located in Antwerp, Belgium.