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New Atlas Copco compact generating sets designed for the rental sector


New small QAS range of generating sets extended to include four Kubota-powered models ideally suited for the rental sector.

Four new QAS small range models are introduced by Atlas Copco offering a more reliable and environmentally friendly, electronic, Kubota diesel engine for the rental sector.
The new QAS 14, 20, 30 and 40 generating sets are prime power rated at 13, 20, 30 and 41 kVA (10, 12, 24 and 33 kW) at 50 Hz and 15, 23, 35 and 48 kVA (12, 19, 28 and 38 kW) at 60 Hz.

Engine selection

The new small QAS range (up to 40 kVA) is now fitted with latest technology on diesel engines from Kubota.
All engines are electronic controlled as standard and comply with the latest emission legislation.
The QAS 14Kd and QAS 20Kd are built in the same enclosure with indirect injection engines respectively, the 3 cylinder D1703M-BG and the 4 cylinder V2403M-BG.  Both models are EPA intermediate Tier 4 compliant (stage III-A).
For the QAS 30Kd and QAS 40Kd models Kubota developed a generator variant for Atlas Copco, the direct injection 4-cylinder models V3800DI-BG and V3800DI-T-BG; both are EPA stage 2 compliant.

Environment friendly

Atlas Copco’s QAS range of generating sets is recognized for their low noise operation.  A sound attenuated rugged Zincor steel enclosure on this smaller range ensures that the sets are 8-9 dBA quieter than the limits fixed by the European sound regulations (OND 2000/14EC).
All models are also compliant with the latest European emission standards.
A clean operation is also included on all QAS range.  The base frame is designed for spillage free containment, capable of retaining 100% of all generator fluids, and the engines are in a closed breather configuration.


The new range is housed in a very compact and robust enclosure up to 40% smaller than previous QAS models.  Nevertheless, it has been designed to deliver the same accurate and stable power regardless of the conditions, providing 100% power in ambient temperatures up to 45°C and to an altitude of 1000 m.
The 100% load takeover capability on this range maintains voltage and frequency within the class G2 limits of ISO8528-5 standard.

Service efficiency – increase ‘uptime’

A key focus area for Atlas Copco has been to ensure the reliability of the QAS range boosting the customers ‘uptime’ and therefore productivity and revenue. The correct sizing of QAS generators, together with an upgraded air filter system, allows 500 hours service intervals, ensuring the engine oil in good conditions all the time.
In order to have efficient preventive and curative maintenance actions, all service points are easy reachable via the door or removable panel. The various drain points and manual oil drain pump are included as standard on these new models.

Increased Transport Efficiency

The superior compactness and sturdy build of the new range ensures more efficient transportation.  An external lifting eye and forklift slots ensure ease of transport and on-site mobilization.  The reinforced base frame is a key component on the new redesigned QAS, ensuring correct positioning and work even on non prepared surfaces.
The new range is ideal for use where space is a premium.


The QAS range has been designed to operate in a wide range of ambient temperature, high altitude and high humidity locations.  Its strong build plus quiet and environmentally friendly operation makes it ideal for a wide range of demanding construction, rental, contracting and other sophisticated heavy duty applications.  A complete range of option packages are also available including voltage variants, dual frequency switch (50/60 Hz), AMF controller, socket panel, COSMOS, spark arrestor, ON Road undercarriage, light tower undercarriage and an extended built in skid fuel tank with large autonomy.

Longer life time, more warranty

Customer benefits with the Kubota engines in the smaller QAS range ensures an extended 3 years / 3000 hours warranty and longer life time expectations.
Special attention has been addressed to the sheet metal treatment and painting, making it more resistant against corrosion and mechanical impact.
The new small QAS ensures a long life, lower cost of ownership and higher resale value.


Aftermarket solutions have been developed by Atlas Copco to guarantee the highest productivity and lowest cost of ownership.  These range from maintenance kits for pre-determined service intervals to full coverage service agreements.

Atlas Copco is able to propose the most cost effective solution depending on the specific operational set-up and customer requirements.

Years of experience and extended field experience, allows Atlas Copco to determine the most optimal service regime.  Atlas Copco’s well trained service technicians rely on the field experience of a worldwide organization and can check the operation condition of the equipment under all circumstances, thus preventing failures and costly down-time by pro-actively replacing wear components.
Atlas Copco’s commitment to quality and reliability can be backed up with an extended warranty program.

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Portable Air Division

Portable Air is a division within Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique business area. It develops, manufactures and markets portable oil-injected and oil-free air compressors, and generators for prime or standby power worldwide, under several brands, to the construction and general industries. The division also serves customers in selected geographic markets and industry segments with temporary air and power rental solutions. The divisional headquarters and main production center are located in Antwerp, Belgium.