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Media / Product and service news / Atlas Copco launches five new underground products at Bauma in Munich

Atlas Copco launches five new underground products at Bauma in Munich


Atlas Copco is launching five new products for underground construction and mining applications at the Bauma 2013 exhibition. The new series of Boomer E rigs for underground face drilling features the new COP 4038, the fastest and most powerful rock drill on the market and also on display is the new COP 1800+ series. The new Boomer E-series also features a new Rig Control System and a new version of Atlas Copco´s advanced Underground Manager System with improved user interface that takes planning and evaluation to the next level in performance and efficiency. Last but not least, a new Dry Drilling System, providing totally water-free face drilling!

COP 4038

The new COP 4038 rock drill from Atlas Copco, the strongest and fastest rock drill on the market. Optimized for hard rock conditions, this workhorse is 20–30% faster than the nearest competitor.

COP 4038
Atlas Copco’s new Boomer E-series can be equipped with the strongest and fastest rock drill on the market, the new COP 4038. It’s 20–30% faster than the nearest contender and optimized for hard rock conditions. The COP 4038 comes with a COP Care Pro service agreement that safeguards reliability, availability, and sustainable productivity. The COP 4038 is a super-fast 40 kW rock drill for 43–64 mm drifter holes. It utilizes Atlas Copco’s high-frequency technology together with an efficient double damping system to absorb reflex shock waves – making it possible to drill exceptionally fast without increasing wear on the drill steel.

COP 1800+ series
The COP 1800+ series provides the same great performance as its predecessor, the standard COP 1800-series. However, the COP 1800+ series extends recommended service intervals by 50%. This provides great savings for your operation with increased equipment availability, and less time and money spent on maintenance. It also means a reduction in costs associated with parts and safety risks posed while maintaining the machinery. The COP 1800+ series promotes environmental sustainability through reduced parts consumption.

Boomer M2C display

The Boomer series offers an upgraded control system with a user-friendly interface, an expanded (15-in) intuitive touch screen, two multi-functional joysticks instead of four, and Underground Manager - the latest in rig support planning software.

New Rig Control System
During system development, Atlas Copco focused on creating an intuitive and easy-to-use operator system. All functions have been grouped in nine blocks under a new tree structure for easy navigation within the system. Together with the new touch screen display, operation is streamlined and training time is reduced for new operators.

Göran Manell, Site Manager Rock Excavation NCC, says:  “The new Boomer with its updated Rig Control System has as much better interface and a more user-friendly screen. It’s much faster for operators to work with than its predecessor." Göran adds, - “the new RHS Rod Handling System, has given us a big advantage. Everything works much smoother and we have a much safer working environment.”

The new rig control system also includes two, new multifunctional joysticks with primary functions for drilling grouped in the top of the joystick. These highly functional joysticks allow the operator to focus on drilling instead of searching for functions on the keyboard or display.

Boomer XE3 C with Dry Drilling System

For the first time, Atlas Copco is able to deliver a three-boom jumbo that is totally water-free. The system uses compressed air for hole flushing and a suction nozzle around the drill string to eliminate dust.

Underground Manager
All over the world, demands for documentation and follow-up are on the rise. This prompted Atlas Copco to create its new Underground Manager, taking planning and evaluation to a higher level. The Underground Manager provides excellent support for all Atlas Copco underground machines. The user interface is new, modern, and easy to use. The system contains a new drill plan generator, complete 3D view of the tunnel, smart interpolation of contours, and an improved log and report function.
Dry drilling system
A new dry drilling system is now available on the Boomer XE3 C. For the first time, Atlas Copco is able to deliver a three-boom face drilling rig that is totally water-free. The system uses compressed air for keeping the hole free from cuttings and a suction nozzle around the drill string to eliminate dust. The suction hose then returns the dust to a filter unit and a sealed container for simple dust logistics. The dry drilling system is ideal for projects where water is scarce or where it’s not possible to use water due to rock conditions or surrounding temperatures.

Boomer XE3 C

The Atlas Copco Boomer XE3 C offers simplicity, ergonomic design, high performance, and the widest range of rock drills in the mining industry.

Comfortable and environmental
Operator comfort, safety, and environmental care are also in the spotlight. For example, all FOPS certified cabins are air-conditioned and ergonomically designed with the latest operator seat and controls. Atlas Copco knows that comfortable operators are efficient and productive operators. The large 3- and 4-boom rigs offer new operator chair that are more ergonomic and functional for the operator. 
Carbon emissions have also been reduced to a minimum. Diesel engines take care of tramming, but once on site… electricity takes over for drilling. Stage 3B/Tier4i diesel engines are standard on the rig and biodegradable hydraulic oils are available as well. 

Boomer rigs can be equipped with up to four booms providing a coverage area of 16–208 m2, and the most extensive range of high performance rock drills on the market (16-40 kW) designed to tackle all rock types and drilling conditions.
All new products are available to order via Atlas Copco’s worldwide sales organization and can of course outfit a rig with the features you need for all your mining applications as well.

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