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Media / Product and service news / Atlas Copco Tool Location System - a "GPS" for your tools

Atlas Copco Tool Location System - a "GPS" for your tools


Using Atlas Copco transducerized cordless tools? Atlas Copco has developed the Tool Location System, TLS, which takes error-proofing to the next level. TLS is an innovative and reliable way of ensuring that, on customers’ assembly lines, tightenings are being performed in the right station and on the right product

User-friendly software, easy installation and maintenance.

TLS can be compared to a small-scale GPS. Instead of having satellites the customers have sensors that monitor their plant.

Products and tools are located by placing tags on them. Using ultra wideband (UWB) radio frequency technology, TLS delivers 3D high-accuracy location of tools and products up to 50 cm.

Signal strength depends on the local environment, as there could be sources of radio interference.

Virtual workstations and product areas

Tool Location System saves time and reworking.

On static assembly lines, using TLS, virtual workstations are created and tools linked to them, guaranteeing that only the correct tools work in the correct workstation. Pick up the wrong tool and it simply won’t operate.

On moving assembly lines, virtual product areas are created that move with the product.

Tools can also be linked to them and, again, only the correct tools will work in the correct product area.

A long list of benefits

Cordless tools are flexible and require no cable management.

The Atlas Copco Tool Location System will pay for itself quickly by providing effective operator guidance.

Tightening programs are selected automatically and manual product identification is eliminated. This minimizes the risk of human error, thus reducing reworking and scrapping.

TLS also speeds up production by increasing individual operator productivity. 

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Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems Motor Vehicle Industry is a division within Atlas Copco’s Industrial Technique business area. It markets hand-held electric and pneumatic tools, assembly systems, software and services to the automotive industry worldwide. It also offers global project management for multinational customers. The division is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.