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Significant improvements in mechanised bolting


A new series of fully mechanised rock bolting rigs with computerised network control systems, represents a significant leap forward in bolting technology.

When Atlas Copco’s new series of fully mechanised rock bolting units are launched at the end of this year, it will incorporate a wide range of radical improvements and solutions to the difficult and dangerous tasks of rock reinforcement in tunnels and mines.

Based on the unique Atlas Copco concept of a single feed system with cradle indexing, the new mechanised bolting unit, MBU, is considerably more robust than its predecessor. This improved strength together with the fact that less maintenance is required, gives the new Boltec rigs improved durability over time.

Furthermore, the chain feeds used in this series feature an automatic tensioning device, which guarantees even and strong feeding of the rock drill while a stinger cylinder improves collaring and the ability to work in uneven roof conditions. The drill steel support system has been completely redesigned to improve reliability and facilitate extension drilling.

Computer control system

But perhaps the most outstanding benefit provided by the Boltec rigs is their new computer-based rig control system, RCS. This system, which has already been successfully incorporated on the latest Boomer and Simba series of drill rigs, allows simplified fault detection, operator interactive operation and provides the basis for logging, storing and transferring of bolt installation production and quality data.

The rigs’ COP 1432 rock drill, is the shortest in its class with modern double dampening-system. This feature combined with the rig control system, RCS, makes it possible to transmit maximum power without the risk of causing non-tightened threads in the drill string. The long and slender piston matched to the drill steel, permits high impact energy to be utilised and at the same time a considerably increased service life of the drill steel.

The RCS can also cope with the more demanding cement grouting and cartridge shooting applications, enabling all functions to be easily controlled from the drivers’ seat. If preferred, however, the new series is also available with the more conventional Direct Control System, DCS.

Additional features

Additional features include:
- a BUT 35HBE heavy-duty boom for direct, fast and accurate positioning between holes.
- sturdy, articulated carrier with turbo-charged water-cooled, low emission diesel engine
- high ground clearance, four-wheel traction and articulated steering for easy manoeuvring in narrow drifts and fast tramming on steep ramps
- remote control of other functions such as mixing cement with up to 10 pre-programmed cement-water ratios and various additives
- in resin bolting, up to 80 cartridges can be injected before the magazine needs refilling and, as bolting is often used in combination with meshing, an optional screen arm fitted parallel to the bolt installation arm, allows the machine to pick up and install bulky mesh screens.

Two basic rig types

There are two basic rigs in the series: – the Boltec MC (for bolt lengths of 1.5-3.5m and roof heights up to 8 m) and the Boltec LC (for bolt lengths of 1.5-6m and roof heights up to 11m) – both offering state-of-the-art installation for most types of rock bolts, such as Swellex, split-set, resin- and cement grouted rebars. As an alternative to the RCS-system, these rigs are also available with the conventional Direct Control System, DCS, as are the Boltec MD and Boltec LD versions.

Picture no: 203216
The new Boltec LC rock bolting rig from Atlas Copco is more robust and requires less maintenance. It is also incorporating the RCS computerised network control system

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