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GA55-90C "WorkPlace" air systems


The combination of features, which distinguish Atlas Copco Industrial air compressors, has lead to a new quantum leap in customer value: the “WorkPlace” air system. By introducing the “workplace” concept Atlas Copco Industrial Air once again sets a new standard in compressed air technology.

The GA 55-90C “WorkPlace” air systems are more than simply compressors: all ancillaries like air and condense treatment equipment can be integrated, which makes them unique “all-in-one” packages. Thanks to the extremely low noise levels [66-68 dB(A)], these units do not need conventional compressor rooms anymore and can be placed next to the point of use. The customer will benefit from a very low installation cost: the GA 55-90C units are delivered to the site ready to go. The required floor-space is minimal and only one electrical supply is needed to power the complete air system. Expensive piping to connect ancillaries and to bring the compressed air to the point of use can be avoided. Besides the lower installation cost also the running cost will be affected substantially: experience shows that leaks in the piping network of up to 10 % of the total compressor capacity are not unusual. In order to keep the pressure constant at the point of use, the power consumption of the compressor will increase with 6% for every bar pressure drop in the piping network. The “workplace” concept offers the customer the possibility to eliminate this unnecessary power consumption and save money.

The GA 55-90C range can deliver a flow from 154 l/s up to 254 l/s at a maximum working pressure of 7.5, 8, 10 and 13 bar at 50 Hz respectively. 100, 125, 150, 175 psi at 60 Hz. The new GA 55-90C range is available as air or water-cooled version, as Pack or Full Feature version (with as standard an integrated refrigerant dryer) and as high ambient version for temperatures up to 50°C.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the GA 55-90C range meets the industry’s expectations of the highest quality standards. All units are conforming to the ISO 1217, ed. 3, and Annex C-1996 test code. The GA 55-90C range features an increased overall performance thanks to the implementation of a new, direct or gearbox driven, screw element and a high efficiency motor.

All these units incorporate Atlas Copco’s patented Elektronikon® controller. This advanced microprocessor based, real time control, monitoring and communication system maximizes overall compressor efficiency and reliability and minimizes maintenance cost. As standard the intelligent control mode DSS is programmed which eliminates the unloaded power consumption to the highest extend by anticipating up on the pressure fluctuations in the compressed air system. All warning and service signals are given via the ergonomic, alphanumeric display. At the same time all worldwide interfaces for remote control and communication are available.

Although the overall compactness (1730x1030x1950mm) of the GA 55-90C range, all components are very easy accessible making service interventions easy. Wear and the need for spare parts are reduced to a minimum. Customers can tailor their GA 55-90C “workplace” air system to their needs: an extensive list of more than 20 options is available. The most common used ancillaries in compressed air systems like refrigerant air dryers, air filters, electronic drains and oil-water separators can all be integrated as an option.