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Media / Product and service news / Atlas Copco extends its line of VSD compressors down to 18kW

Atlas Copco extends its line of VSD compressors down to 18kW


The newest addition to the Atlas Copco line of VSD (Variable Speed Drive) compressors is the GA18-30 VSD range, which brings the benefits of energy efficient VSD technology to those customers with smaller air demands.

The 18kW GA18 VSD has a flow range of 19.0 to 53.9 l/s (40 to 114 cfm) and the 30kW GA30 VSD has a range of 19.0 to 75.1 l/s (40 to 159 cfm). Smaller air users can now benefit from reduced energy costs, precise pressure control and the increased reliability that are all inherent in the Atlas Copco VSD line.

As well as bringing energy savings of up to 35%, the GA18-30 VSD range incorporates all of the benefits of Atlas Copco’s Workplace Concept. For instance, the GA18-30 VSD is available with the following equipment built into the compressor package: refrigerant air dryer, compressed air filters and condensate treatment system thereby saving floorspace and reducing installation costs for the customer. The range also offers the most important Workplace benefit: a sound level below 71dB(A). This feature allows the customer to install the compressor at the point of use without causing discomfort to the operators and eliminates the need for a separate compressor room.

With the introduction of the GA18-30 VSD, Atlas Copco now offers fully packaged Variable Speed Drive compressors from 18 to 900kW. This is the widest VSD product range of any compressor manufacturer. The wide range combined with years of experience ensures that Atlas Copco has the world’s largest installed base of VSD compressors and can provide a successful installation for any application.

Atlas Copco introduced its first fully packaged VSD compressor eight years ago. This was the 90kW GA90 VSD. Variable speed drive compressors vary the speed of the compressor to meet the customer’s actual air requirement. This way, compressor users only pay to compress the exact amount of air that they need. The success of the GA90 VSD and the demands of our customers have led Atlas Copco to expand
its line of VSD compressors. The GA18-30 VSD is the third generation of variable speed drive compressor introduced by Atlas Copco since 1994.

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