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Media / Product and service news / The New Atlas Copco Fixing Hammers-Smart Performers

The New Atlas Copco Fixing Hammers-Smart Performers


Four new Atlas Copco SDS plus Fixing Hammers, PFH 20 E, PFH 20 QE, PFH 24 QE and PFH 24 QEX are introduced in July 1999. All four models are aimed at fixing specialists due to their outstanding performance across the range of the most frequent hole sizes drilled for anchors.

The smart new look and ergonomic design with softgrip, and easy to operate switches will certainly make these tools that the fixing trade want to go for.
The most common hole sizes for plugs and anchors range between 5mm and 14 mm and it is in this band where these new Atlas Copco fixing hammers really performed their best. This is achieved by a combination of a high speed hammer rate and above average blow energy (2,7 Joules) in a tool weighting only 2,3 kg. The high energy and low weight is really appreciated by the operator for the extra productivity he will achieve with less fatigue.

In addition to high performance Atlas Copco has added their special feature of QUIK-LOK, enabling a damaged cable to be changed in only six seconds. Sometimes damaged and dangerous cables are kept in use, due to the difficulty and the time required to change them. With QUIK-LOK it is no longer a service operation- simply twist off the old cable and twist on the new.

The Atlas Copc designers paid special attention to the hammer mechanism to both increase the time period between servicing and making it quicker and easier to service these tools. The PFH 24 QEX model has the Atlas Copco FIXTEC chuck system, which means an SDS plus reception chuck can be changed to a standard 3-jaw chuck in just 5 seconds making this model very versatilefor the drilling of different materials.

To support these new state-of-the-art Fixing Hammers, Atlas Copco has a full range of accessories suited to achieving the best possible results.