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Atlas Copco has enlarged its range of diesel powered generating sets with the launch of the modular designed QIX generator. To compliment the QIX range a new type of control panel, the QcTM range, has also been introduced.

The launch of the new Atlas Copco QIX range of generating sets has broadened the company's market presence, building on the established success of the market leading QAS and QA ranges.

The new QIX range consists of seven models with power ratings of between 220 and 540 kVA LTP (Limited Time Power) at 50 Hz. Valuable input from Atlas Copco's worldwide customer base contributed to the design of this new range of generating sets, and has ensured that the units are tailored directly towards generating set applications within the industrial prime power, the industrial standby and emergency standby markets.

QIX255 open frame unit (Nr. 2937_1734_35)

The QIX range is powered by a liquid-cooled Deutz 1015 diesel power pack, directly coupled to a Mecc Alte synchronous, brushless alternator that has been specifically designed for Atlas Copco.

The complete QIX package design is modular, which allows for easy selection and interchangeability of components. For example a simple local start control panel can be safely exchanged in a matter of minutes with an integrated LCD and auto start panel.

The QIX range is complemented with a tailor made selection of modular weather protected and sound attenuated canopies. These canopies are mounted directly onto the QIX open frame generating sets. The sound attenuated canopy reduces the unit's sound to a level below 98 LWA at LTP load, which is lower than EC stipulated regulations.

QIX255 with sound attenuated canopy
(nr. 2937_1735_35)

Control Panels

Following on with the modular approach and complimenting the QIX range of generating sets is the Atlas Copco QcTM range of modular control panels. All QcTM control panels form a vital and integral part of the generator, with each unit featuring the same overall dimensions and having a common snap-on cable connection system.

The modular design enables QcTM control panels to be easily interchanged or upgraded for a higher specification if and when the requirement arises. Flexibility of choice is an added bonus with these panels that also adhere to all design and build specifications normally associated with such equipment.

Control cubicle with QC3000 panel
(nr. 2937_1732_35)

Three control panel versions are available within the QcTM range, the QcTM1000, QcTM2000 and theQcTM3000. The basic QcTM1000 control panel has been designed for local start applications. The local start engine control module monitors all relevant engine parameters including oil pressure, coolant temperature and preheat.

Meanwhile, the QcTM2000 and QcTM3000 panels are equipped as standard with remote start modules. Pushbuttons allow the operator to display voltage, current and power outputs as well as determine engine status and service parameters. The QcTM3000 also features an integrated AMF module that monitors mains voltage and will start and stop the generator automatically as required.

The QcTM range of control panels can be equipped with either a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which presets a comprehensive range of details and information on the generator's status. If required, the LCD type panels can incorporate an optional analogue or digital modem. The modem enables the customer to monitor and operate the Atlas Copco QIX generator remotely from anywhere in the world.

Standard Package

The standard package of the QIX range of generator sets includes an electronic engine governor plus alternator three-phase sensing and 300% overload capability for 20 seconds. This dedicated equipment combination ensures a prompt generator response time to any sudden load fluctuations that occur with motor starting and non-linear loads.

The standard package also features a rugged steel base frame with integrated lifting eyes, manually operated lubricating oil drain pump and a 50-hour Service Pak.

The Atlas Copco QIX generator, is indeed an industrial generating set built for industrialists by industrialists. With more than 15 years of experience in the production of generating sets, the Atlas Copco QIX generator range is most definitely the all round solution to the customer’s generating set requirements.

Atlas Copco Airpower is a company within the Atlas Copco Group. Atlas Copco is an international group of industrial companies with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2000, the Group had revenues of $5 billion USD, with 98 percent of revenues outside Sweden, and close to 27000 employees. Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, and market electric and pneumatic tools, compressed air equipment and generators, construction and mining equipment, assembly systems, and offer related service and equipment rental. More information is available on

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