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Atlas Copco’s powerful ROC D family of crawler rigs


Extended reach and top cross-country ability from the eye-catching performers on show at the NordCon´99 exhibition.

A powerful generation of Atlas Copco ROC crawler rigs, specially designed for use in the rugged Nordic terrain, is on display at the NordCon´99 exhibition in Jönköping, Sweden (August 25-28).

The ROC D3 is the smallest of the three Atlas Copco bench-drilling rigs. It is a flexible unit with an extra-long reach and works in the hole-diameter range of 35-64 mm. The next is the ROC D5, which is ideal for demanding drilling in contracting and quarrying and drills 35-89 mm holes. The powerful head of the D-series family is the ROC D7, which covers the largest hole range and is equipped with a large engine (Deutz or CAT) and compressor than the precessors. The ROC D7 is ideal for quarrying and large scale construction work and covers the hole range of 64-102 mm.

The Atlas Copco D series is designed for tough drilling applications. That means difficult terrain, where optimal traction and heavy duty tracks are a must. But the working environment is also an important factor in providing the operator with comfort and safety in an otherwise adverse environment.

The drill rig has extremely good cross-country ability, with a low center of gravity and high ground clearance. A hydraulic winch increases the rig’s tramming possibilities and safety in difficult terrain. The support leg is designed to also support when tramming and climbing.

The unique round folding-boom system (or single boom) gives an excellent reach and the entire range is equipped with durable, aluminium, cylindrical feeds. The ROC D7 also has a powerful rock drill – the COP 1838. The latest Atlas Copco rock drill – the COP 1432 ED – is featured on the ROC D3. And the ROC D5 is equipped with the COP 1238, one of the world’s most well-proven rock drills.

Built-in hole quality and economy

However, the most important features of the new D series have been developed according to well known Atlas Copco characteristics – extremely robust and solid equipment with a high technical standard, giving good hole quality and optimal drilling economy.

Environment and service friendly

The ROC D series is designed to be service friendly. The oil drainage points are prominently positioned for easy servicing and designed to reduce the risk of spillage. There are service access doors all round the rig.

Biologically degradable hydraulic oil is a standard feature. The choice of engine means that emission levels can be kept very low. Added to this is the engine pre heater, which is standard in the Nordic climate and helps to lower fuel consumption as well as protecting the environment.

A large coverage area, thanks to the effective boom system, reduces the number of positioning and necessary relocations per shift. This contributes not only to increased productivity but also saves on wear and fuel consumption.

The cabin, which is well insulated and equipped with a comfortable, ergonomically
designed chair, gives a pleasant and productive working environment.

Flexible feed

The new cylindrical feed gives a gentle and even feed process, enabling the drill bit to maintain constant and optimal contact with the rock. This gives high penetration – in other words, high productivity.

The aluminium feed beam is not only lighter than steel, it has a considerably improved resistance to bending – two to five times stronger than equivalent steel feeds. Its double drill steel support (ROC D5 and ROC D7) gives perfect control for fast and safe collaring – a good start to any drilling operation.


Picture caption:
The ROC D7 is a powerful drilling rig for benching with a hole diameter range of 64-102mm.
Picture number: 202336

Picture caption:
Atlas Copco’s ROC D series is suitable for demanding environments where it has excellent tramming and climbing capability in difficult terrain. This cabin version of the ROC D 7 covers a hole diameter range of 64-102 mm and is equipped with the COP 1838 rock drill.
Picture number: 202335

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