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Media / Product and service news / New Simba 366S Makes its debut at Mount Isa Mines

New Simba 366S Makes its debut at Mount Isa Mines


Mount Isa Mines has ordered the first of the new Simba 366S long hole production drill rigs to begin operation at the Enterprise Mine located in north west Queensland, Australia. The configuration of the drill rig is based on the popular Simba H4356 top hammer drill rig but utilises In-The-Hole hammer drilling technology.

The Simba 366S will use a five-inch ITH hammer with an air pressure of up to 25 bar for drilling up to 146mm diameter blast holes. The drill rig is capable of ring drilling with up to 80% being down-holes to a maximum depth of 60m. The remaining holes will be drilled at 102mm diameter with an average length of 15m. The Simba 366S able to drill at angles up
to 25 degrees from the vertical position and parallel holes up to 3m without relocating the
drill rig.

The Simba 366S features a fully air-conditioned FOPS approved cabin, with sound suppression to 85dB(A) and an automatic drilling system.

Mount Isa Mines have since ordered another long hole production drill rig – Simba H1357S equipped with COP 1838HE hydraulic rock drill. This machine will be also be used at the Enterprise mine.

Photo caption: nr: 202396
The first new Simba 366S long hole production drill rig for Mount Isa Mines in Australia.

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