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Media / Product and service news / Atlas Copco Wagner Introduces New ST-2G Scooptram LHD

Atlas Copco Wagner Introduces New ST-2G Scooptram LHD


A Proven Leader....Now Better than Ever!

(Portland, Oregon USA) Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. introduces its latest offering with the introduction of the ST-2G. Building on 25 years of proven reliability, the ST-2G incorporates the company’s ‘legacy of innovation’, capitalizing on 40 years as the industry leader. This 4 tonne payload capacity Scooptram offers increased performance and improved serviceability over its predecessor, the ST-2D.

The Deutz Water-Cooled Engine: BFM1013EC - More power, faster speeds.
A new level in productivity is achieved with the standard water-cooled Deutz engine. It delivers 67% more horsepower and 60% more speed on a 1:7 grade, all while maintaining the same overall MSHA ventilation requirements as the previous air-cooled engine used in the ST-2D. The benefit is a cooler and quieter engine, resulting in improved fuel economy, lowered emissions and reduced operating costs
The ST-2G is equipped with other features that lead the way to higher productivity and lower operating costs. These include:
Single Lever Dump and Hoist Control This new feature allows the operator to control all of the bucket and boom motions using one lever. The pilot operated control also eliminates linkage maintenance while providing the operator with effortless control.

Fail-to-Safe Brakes are now standard on the ST-2G. These Spring-Applied Hydraulic Release brakes eliminate the need for the redundant transmission brake and its inherent downtime and maintenance costs. The patented single circuit system, used in all of Atlas Copco Wagner loaders, provides Fail-to-Safe operation and long life with no adjustments.

Upgraded Electrical System offers improved harness routing and easy-to-replace multi-conductor cabling with waterproof sealed connectors. The compact multi-conductor cabling is high-temperature rated and numbered for convenient trouble shooting.

MSHA Canopy provides three-position adjustment and includes a wrap-around-back guard for operator protection from roof and rib falls. The available option ISO ROPS/FOPS canopy meets international regulatory requirements.

Tapered Roller Bearing Articulation Hinge absorbs stresses and provides smooth rotation between vehicle halves. This heady-duty joint design uses double-opposed tapered roller bearings for extended joint life without shim pack adjustments.

Bolt-in Spicer 14D Axle improves accessibility and allows easier removal. Axles are built with a spiral bevel differential, full floating axles with integral sun gear, and planetary reduction at the wheel ends.

Rock Tough® Halogen FloodLights are significantly brighter than other lights. Four sealed beam halogen lamps provide excellent illumination for both forward and reverse. Each light is in a compact rugged metal housing, and offers vibration and shock protection.

Brian Mayers, Product Manager for the ST-2G, sums it up by saying, “The ST-2G offers key evolutionary changes from its predecessor, the ST-2D. Structurally, the ST-2G Scooptram loader builds upon a reliable history manufacturing this size LHD for more than 25 years, while taking advantage of new proven designs in the engine, electrical and control systems area. The major improvements are power and safety. The Deutz water-cooled engine provides the customer greater power in the muck pile and increased haul speeds on the grade. Affordable Fail-to-Safe braking capability with spring-applied, hydraulic-released brakes brings the ST-2G in line with the rest of our LHD product line.”

With its reputation as the major contributor to developments in underground mining for more than 40 years, Atlas Copco Wagner continues to be a leader in product and technological advancements. Atlas Copco Wagner begins its relationship with the customer before the sale of a vehicle. The company is dedicated to bringing the best worldwide service and parts support in the industry.

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a worldwide supplier of four-wheel drive, rubber-tire, diesel and electric-powered, articulated underground mining and construction vehicles, including Scooptrams® and Mine Trucks. The company manufactures more than 40 standard LHDs and trucks, as well as specialty utility haulage vehicles for coal mines.

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a company within the Atlas Copco Group. Atlas Copco AB is an international group of industrial companies with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1999, the Group had revenues of more than $4.2 billion, with 97 percent of company revenues received from outside of Sweden, and more than 26,000 employees. Nearly 50% of the company’s revenues were from North American operations. Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, and market electric and pneumatic tools; compressed air equipment; construction as well as surface and underground mining equipment; assembly systems; and offers related service and equipment rentals.

The manufacturing facilities of Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. are located at 4424 NE 158th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97230-4999 USA. For more information contact Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. at 503-255-2863 or by fax to 503-251-3014, or contact any of the company’s worldwide dealers, or the nearest Atlas Copco Sales Company.

Additional information about Atlas Copco is available at the Group's web site,, which provides access to current news about the company.

More information about the ST-2G as well as information about Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. can be found on the company’s new world wide web site:


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