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Loader's Initial Sales made to Mexico and Canada

(Portland, Oregon USA) Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. launched its new, higher capacity ST-8C Scooptram LHD at MINExpo International 2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, October 9-12.

The ST-8C is an upgraded and improved version of Wagner’s well-known, highly productive ST-8B load-haul-dump vehicle for the underground mining and construction industries. Since that vehicle’s introduction in 1988, more than 350 units have been produced, logging over two million working hours. The ST-8B was the first unit to be equipped with Wagner’s patented SAHR® brake system.

“This Scooptram has become the standard in the industry,” said Dave Ogilvie, large Scooptram product manager for Atlas Copco Wagner. “Its reliability has been proven under some of the worst mining conditions in the world. Now, 11 units are headed to Mexico and others to Canada and Brazil. This shows these customers know the reliability and performance of Atlas Copco Wagner LHDs and trucks. They know Wagner leads the way in innovation for underground mining.

The ST-8C is the evolution of the eight cubic yard load-haul-dump vehicle, of which Atlas Copco Wagner has built more of than any other manufacturer. The ST-8 was first introduced in 1970. The success of the ST-8 was followed by the launch of the ST-8A in 1978 and the ST-8B in 1988. More 800 of units have been sold of those three models. The new ST-8C is predicted to be just as popular. It has already been sold to mines in Mexico, Canada and Brazil. The first unit has been delivered to the Francisco I. Madero Mine in Mexico. Another unit is on the way to Falconbridge’s Craig Mine in Sudbury, Ontario.

“We’ve taken a proven vehicle and make it better,” said Ogilvie. “We’ve used feedback from our customers to improve the vehicle and make the ST-8C the best in its class.”

The new ST-8C has an increased tramming capacity of 14,500 kg., compared with the ST8-B’s 13,650 kg. The ST-8C benefits from other improvements as well, such as a state-of-the art electrical system, ergonomically designed operator controls and a 242 kW (325 hp) Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine. The ST-8C is fitted with a Wagner Rock Tough catalytic purifier and silencer as a standard feature.

Like almost all of Atlas Copco Wagner’s vehicles, the ST-8C is equipped with Wagner’s patented spring applied, hydraulically released (SAHR) brakes—the safest in the industry—fitted to Spicer 21D axles. The ST-8C is available with both a standard lift boom and a mid-lift boom to achieve improved truck loading capabilities. It can easily load a number of Wagner trucks, including the MT-436B.

Options available for the ST-8C include automatic transmission, an enclosed cabin with air conditioning, vehicle condition data manager, load weighing system, dual bottle fire suppression, ride control, single lever boom and bucket control and wear-resistant bucket package.

Product specification brochures can be obtained by writing the company, or contacting an Atlas Copco Sales Company, or one of Wagner’s independent dealers or distributors. Abbreviated versions of the specifications are available on Atlas Copco Wagner’s Web site:

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a worldwide supplier of four-wheel drive diesel and electric-powered articulated underground mining and construction vehicles, including Scooptrams and mine trucks. The company manufactures more than 40 standard LHDs and trucks, as well as specialty haulage vehicles for coal mines.

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. is a company within the Atlas Copco Group. Atlas Copco AB is an international group of industrial companies with its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1999, the group had revenues of more than $4.2 billion, with 97 percent of company revenues received from outside of Sweden, and more than 26,000 employees. Nearly 50 percent of the company’s revenues were from North American operations. Atlas Copco companies develop, manufacture, and market electric and pneumatic tools; compressed air equipment; construction as well as surface and underground mining equipment; assembly systems; and offers related service and equipment rentals.

Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. can be contacted at 4424 NE 158th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97230-4999 USA. For more information, contact Atlas Copco Wagner Inc. at 503-255-2863, fax to 503-251-3014, contact any of the company’s worldwide dealers, the nearest Atlas Copco Sales Company, or visit their Web site at