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Tool Positioning System, operator guidance for zero-fault assembly


Atlas Copco's latest contribution to raising accuracy and productivity in assembly plants is the TPS - Tool Positioning System.

TPS-Tool Positioning System
The TPS works with an Atlas Copco torque arm and the tool controller to ensure that joints are tightened in the correct sequence and position. The system will provide reliable operator guidance for assembly operations using hand-held electric and pneumatic tools in a wide range of industries.

Simple to operate – immediate feedback

During a tightening sequence, the TPS controller determines the position of the tool together with the encoders on the torque arm and sends OK or NOK signals to the tool controller. The tool controller will only allow the tool to operate if it is in the correct position. After a correct tightening, which generates an OK signal from the tool, the operator will receive an OK signal from the colour screen on the TPS and is able to move to the next position.

Easy to program

The operator positions the tool in the arm over the selected joints in the correct sequence. Each position is confirmed by the TPS. The job sequence is validated and set-up can be saved. The TPS can store up to 50 jobs and up to 500 positions.

A stand-alone system

The TPS is a stand-alone system that works together with Atlas Copco Power Focus, Tensor DL/DS, MicroTorque controllers and EBL RE screwdrivers. Options include a barcode reader, a result report function and a pneumatic tool licence. Since an operator can learn to operate the system in a very short time, TPS is ideal for workplaces that operate job rotation or employ temporary staff.

For more information, please contact your local Atlas Copco representative.

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