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Portable nitrogen generation systems: Nitrogen @95%-99,5%

In the oil and gas industry nitrogen is used extensively for the drilling, completion and work-over of oil and gas wells. It is also used for pipeline services both onshore and offshore.

Nitrogen is a dry and inert gas; it can generated on-site at high pressures and low oxygen levels to safely prevent ignition of flammable gases or to protect oil field equipment from corrosion.

We offer a total solution to match your needs, including feed-air compressors, nitrogen membrane systems and high pressure boosters.

Features & benefits

Customer benefits

  • High purity nitrogen – The unit uses a high-recovery nitrogen membrane fiber with the best air-to-nitrogen ratio available, to deliver 3770 scfm of nitrogen at 95% purity.
  • Durable and reliable – All components are mounted inside a functional, crash-frame or container and are suitable for non-hazardous arctic and desert type conditions, onshore or offshore. For hazardous areas we offer Zone 2 equipment – please consult your local Atlas Copco representative.
  • Easy to handle – The containers includes forklift pockets and corner castings for easy lifting.
  • User-friendly operation – Your operators will love the ergonomically designed operating panel of the built-in PLC control system, which incorporates interface alarms, shutdowns and status conditions for start-up.


  • Skid mounted: Including fork lift slots
  • Air pre-treatment: Water separator+ coalescing filters + air reheater + active carbon bed tower + particulate filter. High differential pressure alarm on filters. Electronic water drains + alarm
  • Purity control system: Zirconium type O2 analyzer + N2 purity control valve + blow off valve. Adjustable N2 purity between 95-99,5%.
  • Nitrogen flow meter: Measurement on discharge output
  • PLS control system: With interface alarms, shutdowns & status conditions for start-up
  • Stainless Steel AISI304L: Piping & Vessels
  • CE compliant

Technical data

Required feed air
Air flow926 - 8147 Nm³/h
Max air pressure24 bar
Max air temperature50 ºC
Discharge N2
N2 flow @95% purity522 - 3770 Nm³/h
Recovery rate46 - 56 %
Nitrogen discharge pressure22 bar(g)
Nitrogen discharge temperature50 ºC
Nitrogen atmospheric dewpoint<-45 ºC