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Articulated Arm Range: Articulated Arms, Torque Reaction


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The Articulated Arm allows for a flexible workspace where traditional fixtured tools will not reach and where operator health and safety is a concern. The Arm absorbs torque reaction generated by the attached assembly tool allowing for smooth, comfortable movement by the operator. This solution eliminates the need for holding a tool during the fastening process with a close to zero-gravity handling force. This system may also be enhanced with a superior error-proofing system, the Atlas Copco Position Recognition System (PRS) that tracks the exact position of the tool, ensuring the correct fasteners are tightened to a specified torque, in the proper sequence.

Features & benefits

  • Available in many sizes and torque ranges.
  • Eliminates the need for an operator holding a tool during an entire shift for fastening operations reducing impact on health and safety.
  • Enables use of heavy high torque tools without concerns of lifting and holding the tool.
  • Low operating forces minimizes operator impact.
  • Left or right hand configuration available with adjustable heights of articulated arm and tool position allows for maximum customization to the application workspace.
  • Option for a Position Recognition System gives the additional benefit of ensuring a quality fastening process while error-proofing during the operation.

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