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Microtorque Transducerized Spindles- ETF MT

MicroTorque ETF MT spindles are the most accurate screwdrivers in the market. Equipped with a torque transducer it delivers precise and accurate tighening at every joint, being the most reliable tightening solution for low torque applications.

Features & benefits

  • Transducerized tool, high torque accuracy and consistency securing high quality at every tightening
  • Fixtured screwdriver to be used with torque arm or in automated assembly
  • Configurable multiple torque programs
  • Angle control & monitoring, improves process quality and control
  • Easy to install and to integrate to automated stations
  • Multi-step tightening with configurable speed maximize torque accuracy and productivity
  • Controller light and buzzer gives immediately operator feedback
  • Easy to integrate with external accessories for error proofing system
  • Multiple tightening strategies gives innumerous alternatives for process improvents
  • Real time graph data and analysis a powerful tool for process diagnosis
  • Data reporting for full process traceability
  • Easy to setup with Auto-Set function
  • The tool ordering number includes a complete system: Controller, screwdriver, tool cable, Tools Talk MT, USB communication cable and power supply

See the product in action

Controller Micro Torque workstation MicroTorque and screws MicroTorque ETF M5 operator



Atlas Copco USA - Software MicroTorque
ToolsTalk MT is the software that makes everything possible, with a very graphical, intuitive and user friendly interface it makes the configuration process easy and effortless.

This unique software combines configuration, information and analyses in one single place. Programming new joints, setting different tightening strategies, defining speed, angle and time parameters is simple and easy. Furthermore it offers visualization of controller and tool information, and it includes the powerful graph analysis and data collection functionality. Making it an important piece that completes and empowers the MicroTorqueScrewdrivers Systems, making it the right solution for any low torque application.

Features & benefits
  • Tools configuration and parameters definition
  • Angle, torque, time and other settings
  • Multiple tighteining strategies
  • Controller and tools information display
  • Real time graph analysis
  • Real time data collection
  • I/Os configuration
  • Calibration intervals alarm

Atlas Copco USA - Eco Design
Eco Design and environmental aspects of product development is nothing new to us. Atlas Copco has a history of developing modular tools with a deep respect for materials and natural resources used in the products. We always strive to maximize the functionality of the product and at the same time minimize the energy consumption to make sure the environmental impact is as low as possible. By developing accurate tools we make sure the customer never has to waste time or energy to re-do an operation. For battery tools we also have the option to connect multiple tools to one controller and thereby decrease the standby energy consumption considerably.

Eco Design is all about minimizing a product's environmental impact during its entire life-cycle, including extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, customer usage and recycling while maximizing the productivity.

Our approach to Eco Design

Eco Design
Within Industrial Technique we approach Eco Design from six different areas. These form the core of the Eco Design review performed in each product development project. This procedure helps define Eco Design targets early in the project.
    We avoid hazardous substances and materials listed on the Atlas Copco Restricted & Prohibited list.
    We use materials and structural features to minimize the product’s weight and invest in strong, durable materials to protect the product.
    We avoid mixing materials since blends inhibit recycling and consider fastening methods to facilitate disassembly.
    We consider how the final product will be used in order to minimize energy and resource consumption in the use phase, in production and during transportation.
    We design with recycling in mind. We promote repair and upgrading, especially for long lasting and system-dependent products. To increase the customer’s awareness regarding the importance of recycling, we are now including Recycling Instructions in the Product Information (PI).
    We prepare for upgrading, maintenance and recycling, through labelling, modularization and information in the product information.
This is how we do Sustainable Productivity in practice!


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