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Our Rapid-Torc RT Square Drive tool is robust, powerful and accurate. The result is a tool that is perfectly suited for low clearance applications that require high torque. Use with the standard set up or customize with hydraulic torque wrench accessories.

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ModelSquare Drive SizeTorque min (ft.lb.)Torque max (ft.lb.)Torque min (Nm)Torque max (Nm)Ordering Number
RT-0.51/2’’55397755388434 2010 00
RT-013/4’’200134027118178434 2010 02
RT-031’’480323065143798434 2010 05
RT-051-1/2’’8355590113275788434 2010 09
RT-081-1/2’’120080001627108458434 2010 13
RT-101-1/2’’1755115202379156178434 2010 16
RT-202-1/2’’2960197604013267878434 2010 20
RT-252-1/2’’3960258905368350968434 2010 25
RT-502-1/2’’78755250010675711698434 2010 29


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