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Robbins 73RH C: Raiseboring Machine

George Apostolopoulos

+233 21 774512

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Mid-size raiseboring machines for holes ranging from 1.5 to 3.1 m (5-10 ft.) in diameter.

Robbins 73 rigs are the sturdiest, most widely sold raiseboring rigs in the world. These medium-sized machines drill holes from 1.5 to 3.1 m (5-10 ft.) in diameter and can be relied on in a variety of applications. At Atlas Copco, we strive to construct high-quality machines that are easy to set up, operate and maintain – and our Robbins 73 rigs are no exception. Robbins 73 machines are built to serve and built to last.

Features & benefits

  • Designed for expert drilling The Robbins 73 in-line drive system provides balanced thrust loads to improve cutting and minimize vibrations and wear.
  • Fast and easy setup Robbins 73 rigs require a smaller drilling pad and fewer tie-down bolts. Setup is quick and easy.
  • Steadfast and efficient Standard functions include anti-jamming, auto makeup and the gradual ramp-up of speed and torque.

Technical description

Technical data

Operational data - Derrick
Raise diameter, nominal2.1 m
Raise diameter, range1.5 - 2.4 m
Raise lenght, nominal550 m
Raise lenght maximum700 m
Reaming thrust4159 kN
RPM, pilot0 - 52 rpm
RPM, reaming0 - 9 rpm
RPM, reaming (reduced torque)9 - 17 rpm
Bailing air (@ 7bar/100 psi)16 m³/min
Bailing, water530 l/min
Electrical power supply (50/60 Hz)260/298 kW / 350/400 HP
Electrical voltage (50/60 Hz)380-1000 V
Electrical frequency50 - 60 Hz
Electrical power requirement (50/60 Hz)317/363 kVA
Drill pipe diameter254 mm
Drill pipe diameter optional286 mm
Drill pipe length s/s1524 mm
Pilot hole diameter279 mm
Pilot hole optional diameter311 mm
Cooling water (at 25ºC / 77°F inlet temperature)80 l/min
Measurements & weights - Derrick
Height extend5190 mm
Height retracted3800 mm
Width piploader included3010 mm
Depth1900 mm
Weight12650 kg
Weight pipeloader included13150 kg
Drill angle (from horizontal)90-60 ºangle
Measurements & weights - Drive pack
Length3055 mm
Height1640 mm
Width1500 mm
Weight4100 kg
Measurements & weights - Thrust pack
Length2300 mm
Height1540 mm
Width1400 mm
Weight2200 kg
Maximum torque, reaming173 kNm
Maximum torque, break out 210 kNm
Stroke2057 mm
Width1740 mm
Traverse rate, fast traverse rate1.7 m/min
Traverse rate, feed rate0.5 m/min

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George Apostolopoulos

+233 21 774512

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