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Scooptram RRC: Underground loader

George Apostolopoulos

+233 21 774512

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Scooptram RRC offers an effective way of operating inside stopes and areas exposed to the risks of falling rock. By standing in a safe area, away from the equipment, the operator can continue to muck until the stope is empty, thereby getting maximum ore recovery. Additionally, for narrow stopes, all mucking can be carried out along the ore body, reducing costly crosscut development in waste rock.

With controls that resemble those in the cab, Scooptram RRC is an easy-to-use, reliable system. It’s lightweight, and the adjustable harness gives the user an ergonomic working position. Powered by standard rechargeable AA batteries, it has an operating time of over 8 hours.

By creating a Scooptram RRC Kit where all parts are included, the order and logistic handling is simplified. We offer our customers an RRC service exchange to maintain highest utilization of the product.

Features & benefits

  • Atlas Copco Radio Remote Control (RRC) designed for Atlas Copco’s Scooptram loaders
  • Atlas Copco warranty and support
  • User friendly, ergonomic and safe operating environment
  • Semi-autonomous production cycle with high productivity
  • Low vehicle ware and maintenance, thanks to advanced algorithms
  • Complete system ease of operation, troubleshooting and repair
  • Remote data feedback for equipment monitoring and production control
  • Integration with the mines existing management systems or other 3rd party systems
  • Use of the standard W-LAN communication network for high flexibility with low cost
  • Compatibility with future software upgrades and autonomous vehicle integrations
  • Customization to meet the specific needs and requirements of the project
  • Safe and reliable remote control for remote operations in unsafe areas
  • Bluetooth communication technology for a safe and reliable remote link
  • Ability to tram in second gear
  • Long operating hours using standard AA batteries
  • Vehicle error and warnings displayed to the operator
  • Flexible configuration to suit a customer’s needs
  • Proportional brake control (only available on RCS loaders)

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George Apostolopoulos

+233 21 774512

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