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Atlas Copco's PARCOOL EG extended life coolant is the new range of organic coolants. PARCOOl EG offers antifreeze protection to -40°C combined with superior sealants and gaskets wear protection in high operating temperature. Effective long-term corrosion protection preserves wet liners, cylinder heads and radiators, preventing leaks and minimizing the risk for engine overheating.

Extended Life Premixed Coolant for Year- Round Dependability The development of lighter, more effective engines has put more and more demands on the cooling system. A coolant must combine improved cooling capacity with enhanced levels of component protection. PARCOOL EG is the only coolant that has been tested and approved by all engine manufacturers currently in use in Atlas Copco compressors and generators. Atlas Copco's PARCOOL EG extended life coolant is designed to meet the needs of modern engines. PARCOOL EG can help prevent leaks caused by corrosion. PARCOOL EG is also fully compatible with all sealants and gasket types developed to join different materials used within an engine.

Features & benefits

  • Premixed solution.
  • Best engine protection.
  • Assured quality.
  • Assured reliability.
  • Extended lifetime.

Technical data

Technical Specifications
Packaging5 l
Temperature-40 ºC