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Maintenance Kits: Genuine Spare Part Kits

Nobody knows Atlas Copco compressors and generators like Atlas Copco. Careful monitoring of performance and maintenance needs over the years has enabled us to put together Service Paks and service programmes tailored to match half yearly and yearly service intervals. Service Paks contain all the parts needed as part of a scheduled maintenance programme. When installed by an Atlas Copco mechanic, his experience and training will keep downtime to the minimum and ensures your equipment will be kept in topcondition throughout its operating life.

Features & benefits

  • Save time getting the right parts. The Service Pak kits supplied by Atlas Copco contain every item down to the last gasket. Just think of the time saved; time that without a Service Pak would be wasted checking different sources to get a complete set of the parts you need.
  • Covers your complete maintenance needs. Service Pak kits cover all maintenance parts, including those for the engine. So from now on you can rely on one single source for all your spare parts.
  • Easy to obtain Service Pak kits are readily available. One single reference number speeds delivery. You can contact your local Atlas Copco representative with your machine serial number and running hours, to receive the matching service pak reference.
  • Minimise downtime. All kits are shipped with clear and easy to follow instructions.
    If you carry out servicing ‘in house’ your mechanic does not need to waste precious time finding out how to install the parts correctly.
  • Keep your maintenance budget low. Using Service Pak kits allows you to plan the maintenance of your compressor or generator in advance, so no unforeseen surprises will upset your budget. And when you take into account the time and money saved by not having to find, order and install separate spare parts, a Service Pak is definitely the most cost-effective maintenance solution.
  • Safeguarding your profitability and investment. Next to a full range of Service Paks for your equipment, Atlas Copco has compiled a portfolio of other aftermarket services that guarantees to protect your investment and provides the highest quality of service, both locally and worldwide.