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Fuel Redux: Upgrade Programme

Fuel Redux is an upgrade product to improve fuel efficiency for portable compressors. Combined with a scheduled preventive maintenance service plan, Fuel Redux helps ensure continuous fuel savings.

Fuel Redux delivers quantifiable savings for portable compressors that are not constantly at full load. Fuel Redux not only provides fuel savings but also reduces the wear and tear on diesel engine parts, thus increasing the service life of these major components.

Ask for a quotation at your nearest official Atlas Copco store or dealer, and find out how much you can start saving now!

Features & benefits

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Fuel Redux uses proven Atlas Copco Fuel Xpert technology that smartly regulates engine speed and air inlet with a view to optimizing fuel consumption.Fuel savings up to 20%*.
Reduced wear of engine parts.
An Atlas Copco professional service plan customized for your equipment using high quality genuine parts. Achieve the desired fuel savings right from the start.Continuous and reliable fuel savings over time with the Atlas Copco professional service plan. Increased availability and reduced operational costs boost your operational profit.
Update of your equipment's control unit by a certified Atlas Copco service engineer.Our most efficient control system for your portable compressor for lower fuel consumption and longer service life.
(*) Based on XAHS 237 DD / XAHS 500 DD7 equipped with Fuel Redux and running at 75% of the nominal load.