The DrillAir Range:: 20,6-45,0 m³/min, 12-35 bar - Atlas Copco Liberia

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The DrillAir Range:: 20,6-45,0 m³/min, 12-35 bar

DrillAir™ compressors deliver a high capacity of compressed air at high pressure, especially designed to meet the requirements of customers in the tough world of industrial drilling.

Features & benefits

At Atlas Copco we understand your requirements in the tough world of industrial drilling, where reliability and easy maintenance are as essential as high-pressure air. Our DrillAi portable compressors delivers high capacity, high pressure effectively, reliably and cost-efficiently. Our innovative technologies like Dynamic Flow Boost®, XPR (Extended Pressure Range), FuelXpert™ and Oiltronix™ let you do the job in the most efficient way, while assuring the components to last longer. Powered by heavy-duty engines from reputable brands, DrillAir™ compressors allow you to drill deeper and larger holes at the fastest penetration rates and with the highest productivity. All models are available in versions that meet the latest exhaust emission and noise directive criteria.

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Four reasons to invest in DrillAir:

  • Drilling 500 meters per day is achievable with the DrillAir Y35. Two 4.5” geothermal wells can be finished in a single drilling day. (dependent on various operational parameters. Please ask your Atlas Copco representative for more details)
  • A single truck can carry both the compressor and the rig thanks to the short, 4.1 meter compressor frame.
  • DrillAir Y35 is 100% suitable for sustainable projects, thanks to compliancy with Stage IV emission standards.
  • DrillAir Y35 consumes less than 2.2 liters of fuel per meter drilled. (dependent on various operational parameters. Please ask your Atlas Copco representative for more details)

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