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Facts & figures in filtration

Facts & figures in filtration

Atlas Copco - Filter team
  • In-house development in Belgium since 1998
    Atlas Copco invests 3% of its total revenues in R&D. This results in an expert know-how of filtration mechanisms, state-of-the-art test facilities and breakthrough innovations like Nautilus Filter Technology.
  • ISO certified test facility for aerosol, dust & oil vapor filtration
    Atlas Copco’s state-of-the-art test facility allows to perform all tests according to ISO 8573 & ISO 12500 standards in-house. In this way we can optimize and validate our products to the maximum; and bring best-in-class products to the market. 

AtlasCopco - Logo_KIT
  • Close cooperation with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    Since years, Atlas Copco closely cooperates with the University of Karlsruhe, who is a leading institute in research and development of filtration mechanisms. This cooperation has led to completely new insights, of which the Nautilus Filter Technology used in the new UD+ filter - and its 40% pressure drop reduction - is only the first outcome.  

Atlas Copco - Cartridges
  • Significant savings in total lifecycle cost
    The initial purchase cost is not the only cost to consider. Saving energy costs might be less tangible but every mbar pressure drop negatively affects power consumption and operating cost. For a unit running at 120 l/s at 7 bar and 4,000 hours/year, an additional pressure drop of  200 mbar costs an extra  200 euro per year

  • Highly automated production thanks to large production volume 
    From operations side, Atlas Copco distincts itself from pirate filter manufacturers with its high level of automation and quality control in a triple certified manufacturing environment.
  • Worldwide sales, service & distribution

Rigorous quality control

Before a new Atlas Copco filter is launched, multiple prototypes are put through a series of rigorous tests.
  • Filter media analysis
  • Autopsy
  • Performance (ISO 12500 & 8573)
  • Burst resistance of filters & cartridges
  • Endurance

Before an Atlas Copco filter leaves production, its quality is extensively tested.
  • Income inspection
  • Performance (DOP)
  • Leak tightness
  • Tensile strength
  • Dimensional conformance