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Career path changer: Mary Chang

My name is Mary Chang, and I am a Production Manager for Atlas Copco. I work for Construction & Mining Equipment Ltd. in Nanjing.

I need to know our customers’ needs
I am mainly responsible for the manufacture of products of three divisions – Surface Drilling Equipment, Underground Rock Excavation Equipment and Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration at Atlas Copco Nanjing Product Company. In my work, I have to adjust to customer needs and production planning.

My colleagues and I collaborate closely on a daily basis. We have various ways of doing this – in meetings, through e-mails, face-to-face meetings, having a coffee, team building activities and so on.

In my role, it is very important to know our customer needs. Therefore I need to work closely with them. We have meetings and I visit customers on their sites. We also communicate over the phone and through e-mails.

My biggest and most enjoyable challenge at the moment is delivering the products with the greatest efficiency, best quality and lowest cost.

A whole new scope in this role
Before this job, I was the Quality Manager for Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Equipment Ltd. here in Nanjing.

The organizational structure, my responsibilities, focus and style of communication are all different. As Quality Manager, my main focus was on quality control and assurance, and the team was smaller. Now, in production, it’s a bigger team. And I need to focus on the delivery, quality, efficiency, cost, revenue and people development and so on. It’s a whole new scope. The output of my current job is directly related to the company’s overall performance and targets.

The communication skills, methodology, the network within Atlas Copco and familiarity with “the way we do things” are all advantages that I think I can bring to any new position within Atlas Copco in the future.

Changing career broadens my experience

I changed career path because I wanted to get more experience from different functions, in order to make me more capable for future career development within Atlas Copco.
I think the best thing about Atlas Copco as an employer is that there are amazing opportunities for all employees who want to develop themselves and their careers.

I try to be a positive influence

My way of contributing to our brand promise – Committed to sustainable productivity – is to influence the mindset within all employees. I need to consider the sustainable productivity aspects of each process that I am responsible for.

If you want to change your career, set up clear and measurable career goals. Then prepare for it, and when the opportunity comes – just go ahead.

You will receive a lot when joining Atlas Copco

If you are interested in working at Atlas Copco, I think you have made a wise decision. You will get much more than you expected.

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