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Careers / The way we do things / Individual responsibility / Leandro Escudeiro: Our core values provide clear guidance

Leandro Escudeiro: Our core values provide clear guidance

My name is Leandro Escudeiro and I’m a Business Line Manager in Brazil.

AC Careers - Leandro Escudeiro
I really like the daily opportunities to do something different. There is always a new challenge coming up and that gives you the chance to fully exploit opportunities and to tailor your professional future. 
We have to deliver reliable services
Within my field, service, I have responsibility for developing this business within our market and making sure our customers receive a premium service when it comes to having their production lines up and running full time with high-performance tools.
Our customers and colleagues count on our processes and services, so we are always available. We have a very close relationship with the stakeholders to make sure we are all aligned with the common targets. 
17 years, different positions
During the past 17 years, I have had the great opportunity to hold different positions. I started my career within Atlas Copco in 1994 as a Service Technician. Then, I became a Project Manager and after that I was responsible for the South America Application Center for four years. In mid-2011, I re-joined the service team.

The main difference between my previous positions and my current one is that we have to be super alert 24/7. The hotline we establish with our customers must be efficient in a way that makes it possible for us to keep our promises. The processes, parts, labor, benefits and outcome are tangibles, but the service itself is something the customer is not able to touch. That is why I consider it an art to become – and remain – a preferred service partner in the customer’s mind. 
Our culture is guided by our core values
As our CEO likes to say, and I fully agree: we have a culture of freedom with accountability.
Our core values are very well described in our internal documents. It provides us with guidance and references about the right way to behave within the Group. I think it shows in our values-based culture, where we secure that we all act accordingly – even among such different cultures across the globe. 
Atlas Copco is a truly caring company
The way Atlas Copco cares about our employees and all the stakeholders, including the environment and society, is what makes me most proud to be a part of Atlas Copco.
Working at Atlas Copco, you get the chance to develop your career and perform your daily work interacting with customers and colleagues from different cultures worldwide. 
Don’t hesitate, join us!
As mentioned, I joined the group 17 years ago and I still think that was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever taken. If you have considered working for Atlas Copco, don’t hesitate. It’s a wise choice.